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Are you ready to slap emotional eating in the face and activate your inner Slim Girl?




Here’s the facts, if you want a sure-fire way to send yourself into a week-long eating frenzy, just tell yourself you’ll start a diet “next Monday”. I promise you’ll be hitting the nearest Krispy Kreme counter in fifteen seconds flat.


BUT… if you’re looking for the key to ditching emotional eating, binge eating, over eating, under eating, yo-yo dieting and so.much.more, then keep reading, baby!


If the magical Fat Loss Fairy could deliver you the golden pill to more energy, a brighter outlook and, of course, a hotter body, this would be it!


Whether you’re trying to break up with chocolate covered, double fried, sugar sprinkled donuts or simply stop yourself visiting the “Golden Arches” at 11pm every night, Drink Yourself Slim is the answer you’ve been Googling for.



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 Drink Yourself Slim has been specifically designed with you in mind.


Why? Because I know what it’s like to fight the daily battle between “I’m NOT eating chocolate today” (insert wishful thinking here) and “I’ve had a bad day, maybe just a liiiiitle bit of chocolate won’t hurt…” (insert sad face as said little bit of chocolate turns into four blocks of chocolate, a pizza and one (half frozen) cherry danish…


Google does NOT have the answers to your emotional eating drama! But I do…


Drink Yourself Slim gives you 16 delicious recipes, plus a step by step path to activating your Slim Girl, one sexy superfood smoothie at a time! That’s over 80 pages of smooth ‘n sexy goodness!


Ready to slide into your skinny jeans without wincing (uh,  yes please!)  Want better health, radiant skin and a smaller booty? Then bust out the green juice, baby!  Drink Yourself Slim is here to make it happen.

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