The Transformation Society with Kylie Pax

What if you could FINALLY know why you keep sabotaging your weight loss so that you lose the weight and keep it off... for life? 

Sound good?

Well, allow me to introduce myself...

Hey there, you fabulous creature!

I'm Kylie Pax!

By now you've probably heard my story more times than a lame Justin Bieber song.

I spent 30 years losing and gaining the same 20 kilos over and over and, err... over again


Because as good as I was at dieting

(and I was a master) 

All the reasons I gained weight to start with were still there!

Does this sound familiar?

You've tried everything... 

Diets . Meal Replacement Shakes . Fat Blasting Pills . Detoxes . More Diets . Hypnosis . Raw Food .  No Food

and you STILL can't quit the food obsession and sabotaging your hard earned weight loss, am I right?

Believe me. I understand because I've been there.

Every. Single. Time I would start to make some progress with my weight loss, I would end up, face first, in a bowl of chocolate ice cream!

The diet industry told me I needed more




Seriously? More willpower?! I would have eaten bean shoots dipped in monkey urine if I thought it would make me skinny! Willpower was definitely not the problem.

Finally I discovered the missing link...

Food is not the problem.

And until you deal with what is, the struggle will never end...

Every time you find yourself returning to old habits, your body is trying to tell you something

A binge is not a menace, it's a message

Okay, fess up.

How many times have you tried to lose weight?

20?  50?... 500 TIMES?

And of those 20, 50 or 500 times, how often did it work for you?

I mean REALLY work for you?

As in, every ounce of excess fat ran screaming from your thighs and landed gracefully on your boobs and you haven't touched a Snickers bar since?



Why am I not surprised...​

But before you run for the nearest Krispy Kreme box, wait!

You DON'T need more discipline

You DON'T need more control

You DON'T need more willpower

What you need are the secrets to the

permanently Transform your relationship with food, for life

And what's more, I'm about to give them to you...

Real life . Real Transformation . Real Results