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How would it feel to stop emotional eating & finally lose weight?


How I Lost 20kg

*without needing a junk food lobotomy*

How would it feel to stop emotional eating and *finally* lose those 20, 30, 50kg with no starvation or BS diets? I'll show you exactly how I did it inside of this FREE Video Bundle! Sign up for immediate access.


F The Scale

If you spend your days trying to get your eating "perfect", or you are constantly obsessing and stressing over food, your body and your weight, or the thought of going on one more diet makes you want to poke your eyes out with pretzel sticks... this is for you!



If you're looking for a "quick fix" solution to help you drop 10kg and gain back 15kg, this podcast will be massively disappointing. But, if you're looking for profound change that will break lifelong patterns of self destructive behaviour with food, this is for you...

"I lost 19 kilos and kept it off! If you have given up hope like I had, listen to what Kylie says…. I promise, you won't look back."


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How I Lost 20kg

*without needing a junk food lobotomy*

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Ok, fess up

How many times have you tried to

For most of my life I was either smashing out a new diet or binge eating like it was an Olympic sport. I didn't want to be that way, but the harder I tried to eat salad with no dressing (too many calories, am I right?) the harder I binged on the sly.

Find out how I lost the weight for good...

Guuurl! It took me a hot mintue (30 years) to figure out

Guuurl! It took me a hot mintue (30 years) to figure out

You're welcome. Slide this one into your next snack break!Low fat. Dairy-free. Vegan.

Hey, sis!If you’re waiting for your self talk to change so you

"Since working with Kylie I have lost over 17 kilos. She has a true gift. Her work is so powerful. I finally feel comfortable in my body."


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Watch as Kylie shares exactly how to bounce back when you feel like you've been so "good" but the scale went up...

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In this game-changing episode, Kylie shares her personal weight loss blueprint, how to make empowering choices that stick more!


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Watch as Kylie shares the 3 secrets that are keeping you stuck, how to move past them and create your personal plan for success

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In this game-changing interview, Kylie shares her no-nonsense solutions to stop judging yourself and start trusting yourself around food, how to make empowering choices that stick and so much more!

"I have made SO much progress since working with Kylie. She has completely changed my life plus I've lost 10 pounds and kept it off."


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Will My Programs Work For You?

I know what it's like to hurt over your relationship with food because I lived it for 30 years.

  • If you spend all day thinking about food (and how to avoid eating it), or
  • You eat one cookie, decide you've "ruined everything" and binge on the stale pizza, or
  • You're a sucker for every new diet you see...

then, yeah, sis... this will work for you.