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My 10 Biggest Lessons From The Last 10 Years



Did you catch the #10yearchallenge craze on Instagram?

I’ve always been a sucker for a good Before and After photo (scroll down for my spooky #10yearchallenge photo) however, it’s my inner changes that I’m most proud of.

The last 5 years have been especially challenging with the breakdown of my 25 year marriage (and the financial shit storm that comes with it), starting my own business and a being side-swiped with depression and anxiety.

But what I’m MOST PROUD of is not the physical changes. It’s not even surviving and THRIVING despite the external challenges…



1. I know that running towards something I do want is far more effective than running away from something I don’t want.

2. I know that my job is not to decide what’s possible for me. My job is to decide what I feel energetically aligned with and pursue that.

3. I know that to be a strong, independent woman in this world it takes a combination of integrity, guts and a willingness to trust that when you follow your soul, you will always be supported.

4. I know that if it doesn’t feel right in my gut, I should run (not walk) away.

5. I know that emotional eating is not a problem I need to FIX. It’s a part of who I AM.

6. I know that success in all areas is not about replacing or eliminating bad habits. It’s about adding in good things. One at a time. And letting my pile of good things grow.

7. I know that the smallest compliment can make the biggest difference to a person who needs it (Hot Tip: you never know who needs it.)

8. I know that shame and guilt are only rules I made up and I can re-write the rules anytime.

9. I know there is never a wrong time to tell your truth.

10. I know that self-love isn’t something you get. It’s not even something you create. Self-love is every tiny decision you make.


Share below if these resonate with you. I’d love to hear your top pick!

As always remember, You are enough.





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