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You PROMISED yourself you wouldn’t binge on chocolate today yet here you are… dazed and confused as you stare with disappointed eyes at the empty chocolate wrappers scattered on the floor like screwed up Christmas wrapping




Yup, It’s happened again… the dreaded binge.

You stare at your reflection in the mirror and assess the damage… yup, you definitely look heavier already. Maybe you can work out extra hard tomorrow and undo the damage of the last hour. Or maybe you should just give up altogether…


This was pretty much my everyday life until I Ditched the Diet and learned how to successfully beat the binge.

No matter what stage you’re at in your weight loss journey, I want you to be hugely, wildly and outrageously happy with yourself. I want you to NEVER AGAIN feel the fear that just the smallest slice of cheese cake can instil when you’re trying so hard to “be good” with your diet.


The truth? You CAN reach any level of success in life that you set your mind to. You just need to follow these 3 Steps to Successfully Beat the Binge.


Get Specific

If you do nothing else, you MUST do this ONE THING. Being all airy fairy with your goals will get you one steaming hot bowl of airy fairy results. Is that what you want? No. I didn’t think so. Drill down and get specific. Exactly WHAT do you want to achieve here? Stop the late night binges? Lose those last 10 kilos? Create a body that is so kick ass hot that you’ll have Victoria’s Secret begging you to shake your booty on the runway? What, what, WHAT is your ULTIMATE goal?


Get Confident

If you’re waiting for the Magical Confidence Fairy to swing by your house and whack you over the head with her sparkly confidence stick, then you’re not going to like what’s coming next (warning: if you still believe in Santa Clause, you may want to turn away now..) SHE’S NOT REAL!! This is your time to shine, baby. BELIEVE in your ability and skills and if you really can’t, if your confidence is just too shaken right now to trust that this is really possible for you, then hook up with someone who can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.


Show Up & Do The Work

Show up and do the work every.single.day. Yes there will be days where you swear that chocolate ice cream is calling your name from the freezer. Throw it out! Get aggressive. Take a stand. This is YOUR life and food is NOT the boss of you. Need help? Then GET IT! Short on time? I’m sorry, but that’s no longer a valid excuse. You can implement life changing strategies to beat the binge in under five minutes a day. Just CLICK HERE to see how I did it.



It’s time for you to stand up and draw a line in the sand. TODAY is the day you say “No more. I’m DONE with giving in to every deep fried Snickers bar that crosses my path.”

Even if you just implement ONE of the 3 steps above, you’ll be miles ahead of everyone who is still trying to beat the binge with diet pills, shakes and meal replacement bars that taste like a pubescent boys football socks.


So tell me, which of these 3 steps is your favourite and which one will you use first? Let me know in the comments below!


Pssst… I have a crazy pants exciting secret that you’re just going to love! I reeeeally can’t wait to share. Hang tight, more drool worthy details coming up next week 😉

Here’s to Ditching the Diet!

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