How to stop stress eating

If the slightest hint of bad news sends you into a chocolate consumption frenzy, then keep scrolling for…

3 Tips to Stop Stress Eating



You know what it’s like… your boss needs the report that was due next Friday done right NOW, you have your Mother on the phone listing 108 ways you have messed up your life and you missed your morning latte because the cat threw up on your brand new Persian rug.


If a block of Cadbury’s has become your new BFF and you can’t seem to make it through the day without some kind of “treat food” to look forward to then this week’s episode is for you!


Watch the episode now

and find out how to stop stress eating and quit giving your power away to pizza flavoured nachos


In a (non-chocolate-coated) nutshell

You Hold All The Power

The only person who decides what something means is YOU. Why is this important? Because stress is an intangible,  which means although stress may have an instant physiological response,  you create the rest of the drama in your head. And if you can create it then you can break up with it. Bust out some meditation, deep breathing or take a two minute time out. Do SOMETHING to put some distance between the stress and you besides a coconut flavoured cronut. Remember, you hold all the power(subject to point 2. below)…

Except When You Don’t

You can’t control your circumstances but you CAN control how you respond. When you feel like the giant octopus arms of life are slinging mud your way, you only need to ask yourself… “what’s my NEXT RIGHT MOVE”. You don’t have to have it all sorted to make progress. You only need to focus on who you want to be rather than who you fear you have already become.

Take Control Early, y’all!

The DECISIONS of your life are more important than the CONDITIONS of your life. Don’t allow your mind to wander off into the Boogie Wonderland of drama in your mind but instead, harness it in early in the morning! Make lists of the tasks to be conquered that day. Schedule reminders in your phone. And then, let it go…


Do you eat to cope with stress?

Join the conversation in the comments below! and then… 



Share this with a friend who needs to calm their stress farm and as always remember, the only person who has the power to change your life is you.

You’ve got what it takes.

Big Love!



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