4 Ways To End The Battle With Your Body & Food


Okay fess up, how many diets have you been on in your life? 20? 50? 500?

And of those 20, 50 or 500 diets, how many of them worked for you? I mean REALLY worked for you? As in, every ounce of excess fat ran screaming from your thighs and landed gracefully on your boobs and you haven’t touched a Twix bar since?



Why am I not surprised…?

You only have to look around you to see that diets don’t work. Beyoncè knows it (remember her grapefruit and maple syrup diet phase). Oprah knows it (remember her…well, every diet ever invented phase) and YOU know it, right?


If you’re still struggling with your weight, hoping (okay, desperately scouring Google) for that “quick fix”, then you haven’t figured out the key to your success yet.

And what, pray tell is that? STOP DIETING, GURL!

If you’re starting to break out into a cold sweat, I completely understand…

I was the Queen Diva of the Diet Kingdom. You could find me any day of the week, perched self-righteously upon my Dieting Throne, polishing my tiara and issuing commands to my body.  Lose 5 kilos by Friday. Stop being so darn hungry all the time. Sure, I’d failed at every diet I’d ever tried, but I just needed to find the “right diet for me”, didn’t I?

Allow me to save you the trouble… there is no “right diet for you”. All diets suck (yes, that’s is a technical term) and there’s not enough lame-ass promises from the diet industry to change that fact.


If you want to know how to actually live in a body you luuurve without all the diet drama, then check out these 4 secrets to end the battle with your body and food  (shhh… I’m pretty sure Beyoncè doesn’t know about the last one)

1. The Experts Lie

Nobody, not even Oprah, needs an “expert” in their ear every moment of the day, telling them how many carbs, fat grams and calories it will take to get a smaller booty (sorry, Michelle Bridges… you’re just making it too freakin’ hard). You DON’T need to eat six small meals a day. You DON’T need a calorie counter and you DON’T need to turn your meals into a science experiment of protein portions, carb counting and fat gram folly. Why? Because…

2. It’s Safe To Eat What You REALLY Want

There’s nothing to be afraid of when you eat real food. But avocados are high in fat? Dried fruit is high in sugar? Yeeeees… but if you use your intuition, you’re not going to eat 85 kilos of avocados in one sitting, are you? Just eat an amount that makes both you and your body feel good because…

3. You Don’t Need As Much Food As You Think You Do

We were raised to “eat everything on our plate” because “there’s children starving in Africa” and all that jazz. Not to diminish the importance of the starving children, but I could never understand how me becoming a walking, life-sized muffin top was going to help the starving children? You really don’t need as much food as you think. Listen to your body. Eat slowly. And stop when you’ve had enough because…

4. You Can Always Get More

So often we eat waaaay past full simply because the food tastes good and “if I don’t eat it now, it will all be gone”. Scarcity tactics are great when you spy that pair of Louis Vuitton pumps you lusted after for six months in a fifty percent off sale, but when it comes to your food? Scarcity tactics are not your friend. Ditch the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). You can always go back and get more food later if you’re truly hungry. And if you really do miss out on that extra slice of grandma’s double choc fudge sticky, gooey mud cake thing, the only thing you’ll miss is a belly ache, feeling guilty, bingeing, two days of beating yourself up and of course, let’s not forget the grand prize of 4 extra kilos stuck to your butt!

Remember, there is only ONE person who can change your life. And it’s not Beyoncè or Oprah. It’s YOU.

Don’t let your fear of failure outweigh your desire to succeed.

You can do this.

Smothering you with oodles of chocolate coated love!


Now, I’d loooove to hear from you!how many diets you’ve tried (and how many actually worked?) Join the conversation below and remember, people come here for inspiration and direction, so let’s support each other!

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