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What’s up you gorgeous fab creatures! Today we’re talking about 5 reasons you can't stop eating even though you want to. There could be several reasons why you may find it difficult to stop eating even though you want to:

1. Emotional eating: 

Eating can be a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety, boredom, or other emotions. People may turn to food for comfort and as a way to numb their feelings. Remember, 90% of your brain's resources are looking for danger – it would rather be safe than live in happy land and die.

2. Hormonal imbalances: 

Hormonal imbalances, such as an overproduction of the hormone insulin, can cause cravings and make it difficult to stop eating. Thyroid can play a part as well.

3. Habit: 

The brain wants to repeat pleasurable experiences, skipping meals, and relying on processed and high-fat foods can lead to unhealthy eating patterns that are difficult to break. You are what you tolerate – when you design a daily structure, then you can easily look at your choices and ask if it fits or not? Boredom is the hardest emotion for the human brain to experience and 90% of the time we seek out negative behaviours to relieve the boredom >>> now we’re not only relieving the boredom, but we’re also creating new problems to solve.

4. Food addiction: 

Food addiction is a real phenomenon where people can become addicted to certain foods, especially those high in sugar and fat, making it difficult to resist eating.

5. Lack of sleep: 

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can increase hunger hormones, making it more challenging to resist food cravings. You eat approx 300 cals more per day (usually in the form of carbs) which = approx. 0.5kg gain per week.

The success you want is just the by-product of having
quality habits so if you are struggling with overeating, it is important to address the underlying causes, such as seeking professional help for emotional eating or working to establish a healthy sleep schedule. Additionally, developing healthy habits, such as eating regularly scheduled meals and incorporating physical activity into your routine, can help you break free from the cycle of overeating.

This episode talks about the Eating Codes which is my 5-step system for natural weight loss which you can get for free here.

Enjoy this week's podcast!

You got this, babe! I believe in you.


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