Why You Keep Overeating At Night

This week we're talking about the sneaky little lies that are keeping you overweight and how you can recognise and reverse them

Let's talk about reason #103 why you keep overeating at night... "banking calories".

"I haven't eaten all day so I DESERVE this"⁠
"I haven't eaten all day so I can AFFORD to eat this"⁠
"I haven't eaten all day so I can SPLURGE now"⁠

*insert whiney voice here*

Straight up, banking calories is not a thing. You can't "save now, spend later" when it comes to calories and what you eat. Your body needs sufficient calories all throughout the day so it can function efficiently. And if you don't give it those calories when it needs them, it will force you to eat tsunami-sized portions of food to compensate.

Straight up, banking calories is not a thing. You can't "save now, spend later" when it comes to calories and what you eat.

Here's what you should do instead:⁠

You might be busy with kids, meetings etc, but it only takes a moment to check-in and see how you're feeling.⁠

This is not rocket science. What do you feel like eating at that moment? Honour your body's needs. It's here to support you for the long haul. Respect that.⁠

You don't have to bank calories or wait for a special occasion to eat the doughnut. If you want it, eat it and enjoy it. The doughnut does not mean you have "ruined" your eating or "failed". It's just a doughnut. Enjoy it for what it is and move the fu*k on.⁠

There is never going to be a "right time" to deal with your emotional eating. There is just time and you choose what to do with it.⁠⁠
It won't be easier tomorrow.⁠⁠
It won't be easier next week.⁠⁠
And it definitely won't be easier next month.⁠⁠
I want to be clear, you can't (and won't) do it before you're ready. That's okay, too. But you will need to push yourself *a little*.
Want a life and body that feels easy and not stressy?⁠ You gotta step up, girl.

It's not going to feel good, but that's what growing and becoming an even more amazing wife/mother/partner/woman looks like!
STEP 1 - What are you willing to DO to make your relationship with food (or anything) the way you want it?⁠⁠
STEP 2 - What are you willing to STOP doing to have things the way you want it?⁠⁠
STEP 3 - How can you do what's necessary to get the job done AND enjoy the process? (and p.s. there are a million options here)⁠⁠
Remember, the feelings you get from eating when you're not hungry are only a temporary escape. Changing your relationship with yourself lasts a lifetime.

And if you're looking for more ways to take control of your weight, take my FREE Weight Loss Course. Your butt will thank you for it!


5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Yourself



Your weight loss is ticking along nicely. The emotional eating is under control. And then, BAM! That pesky Voice in your head convinces you to crack open the block of chocolate that’s been sitting in the cupboard for the past two weeks, after all… you’ve been so “good” lately, you deserve a “treat”, right?


Of course, four blocks of chocolate, a pizza and one (half frozen) cherry danish later, you sit alone, dazed and confused…

Why do you keep sabotaging the ONE THING you know you want?!!

There are many theories… fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being able to maintain the weight loss once it’s gone, fear of unwanted attention, the list goes on and on.

But at the end of the day, the results still lie in the doing. And so, until you’re actually doing something, then you’re really doing nothing at all.

Here’s 5 ways you can keep yourself miserable, stuck and in a whole world of pain…


1. Stay hooked on the chase

You get a rush from signing up for the newest, hottest weight loss gig. This one promises you’ll lose 14 kilos overnight, so it has to be good, right? After all, “they” wouldn’t lie to you. It’s backed up by research. They’ve done case studies…. Yeah, keep throwing your money at the diet gurus. That’s sure to work. They absolutely have your best interests at heart.


2. Get it perfect

Yes. This is definitely most important. Your diet has to be absolutely perfect or it will fail (read: you’re a failure). You must never eat anything that is not a part of your “meal plan” and your daily intake of calories, points, carbohydrates and fat grams must be perfectly balanced every.single.time. If you screw it up, you should binge on Krispy Kremes until next Monday, which brings me to my next point…


3. Start a new diet every Monday

This is the best idea you’ve ever had! Next Monday you’ll give up chocolate forever, empty your soft drink bottles down the sink and magically never crave sugar again! Of course, this means you should devour the world’s supply of sugary, salty, snaky things post haste! Don’t worry about the extra 5 kilos you’ll gain. You’ll drop those when you start your magical new diet next week because…


4. Replace all real food with Meal Replacement Shakes

What a sucker you’ve been! Eating real food when you could have been sipping grey, watery, nutritionally depleted, disgusting tasting meal replacement shakes. This is definitely the answer you’ve been Googling for! Plus, it’s so much fun to drink a totally unsatisfying shake when all your friends are eating a delicious Summer Broccoli Soup, or Coconut Berry Smoothie. Yeah, drink your meal replacement slush. That won’t make you look weird at all.


5. Listen to what everybody else has to say about you and your body

Definitely don’t think for yourself. Listen to what the diet industry tells you to eat, listen to what the latest fad diet tells you to eat but NEVER listen to what YOUR body tells you to eat. After all, what do you know? How can you possibly know what to put in your mouth unless someone tells you? Listening to your own body is not a sustainable plan. Never do it.


Here’s the facts, if you want a sure-fire way to send yourself into a week-long eating frenzy, just tell yourself you’ll start a diet “next Monday”. I promise you’ll be hitting the nearest Krispy Kreme counter in fifteen seconds flat.


If you’re looking for an easy, simple and sustainable solution to outsmart your cravings and beat emotional eating; the first step is to get serious about your nutrition. This is coming from a gal who tried EVERYTHING (twice) and it wasn’t until I addressed the (candy apple) core of the problem that things radically shifted.


If the magical Fat Loss Fairy could deliver you the golden pill to more energy, a brighter outlook and, of course, a hotter body, this would be it!


Whether you’re trying to break up with chocolate covered, double fried, sugar sprinkled donuts or simply stop yourself visiting the “Golden Arches” at 11pm every night, you will struggle to quit the cravings, release built up toxins and shed excess weight without the right tools for the job.


CLICK HERE to get the exact protocol I used to heal my body of pain and chronic inflammation, bloating, poor digestion, adrenal and chronic fatigue AND cravings and excess weight.


Now, I would love to hear from you! Have you escaped from the stuck cycle of self sabotage in the past? How did you overcome it? Join the conversation below and remember, people come here for inspiration and direction, so let’s support each other!


Oodles of chocolate coated love!


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