Guuurl! It took me a hot mintue (30 years) to figure out my sh^t with food so if anyone know's what's holding you back from living in your dream body, it's moi!

I broke down my results into an easy-step formula that anyone can follow. If you want immediate access to the formula, just hit this link & I’ll send it over.


In the meantime, here are the six BS excuses you need to drop like they're hot if you ever want to see your dream body materialise…


1. You still haven’t gone all-in. After all, it probably won’t work anyway so why bother? *eye roll* E.g. One day you’re hitting the gym and munching on lettuce leaves and the next you’re doing a Macca’s run for every meal.⁠

2. You don’t actually *do* anything to prove to yourself that you’re serious about this. You dream of losing weight but you don’t take COMMITTED action (refer to point 1.)⁠ E.g. You think about weight loss. You talk about weight loss. But you don’t actually *do* the weight loss.⁠

3. You bargain with yourself that if you’re “good” all week, you can run wild on the weekend. E.g. You torture yourself with salad Mon - Fri and then eat ten billion cals over the weekend. Not a good look, honey.

You think about weight loss. You talk about weight loss. But you don’t actually *do* the weight loss.⁠

4. You’ve done this many times before and you’re basically just tired😩 You know it’s gonna take some work but you’re still tryna figure of if you’ve got it in you to give this weight loss thing one more go.⁠

5. You do it when you FEEL like it and you don’t do it when you don’t. This usually equals an upward trend in your weight over time. You’re welcome.⁠

6. You procrastinate and delay actually STARTING. Which means you keep gaining weight in the meantime. Which kinda sucks.

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Let's go, honey!

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