What would it take for you to be able to stand next to a chocolate cake and not want to roll around in it, naked?

Hey, cute face! I'm Kylie!

I'm about to show you the EXACT STEPS that I used to turn my relationship with food from binges, chocolate wrappers and guilt, to peaceful, calm and smoother than a strawberry sundae.

And how you can do it too!

I yo-yo dieted and hated my body for thirty years (yup, three-zero)

Each night before I went to bed I prayed to the god of skinny thighs... plueeease, let me wake up thin. 

And then bright and early the next morning, I would shuffle to the bathroom scales for a fresh dose of self judgment (I guess you could call me a slow learner)

I was either binge eating or dieting. There was no in between.

If you're reading this sentence then it's safe to say you know the pain of emotional eating, hating your body and yo-yo dieting...

You spend all day thinking about the food you'd like to eat and how to avoid eating it.

You eat one cookie, decide you've "ruined everything" and binge on deep fried Pop Tarts and stale pizza from last night's binge.

You squirrel away food in secret and stuff your face when no one is around.

You hate your behaviour.

You beat yourself up for being weak.

But you don't know what to do about it.

I get it. I know what it's like because I've lived it.

If I Googled "Worlds Best Dieter", I'd probably find your picture, right?

So why are you still utterly obsessed with food?

  • You count calories, fat grams, macros and points. Seriously, you should have a science degree by now (and your mum said you'd never amount to anything. Who's laughing now?)
  • You're a sucker for every new diet you see.
  • You switch from no carbs to all carbs to vegan and paleo but you still hate going to social functions because you don't feel comfortable in your body.
  • You spend your days trying to get your eating "perfect" and when you don't (which is almost always), you binge and promise yourself that you'll "start again tomorrow"
  • You feel constantly exhausted, sad or mad (mainly with yourself) over your relationship with food and so you store up treats in secret and binge when no one is around.
  • And when someone tells you to use more willpower, you want to smack 'em in the head! More willpower? Are you serious? You'd eat bean shoots dipped in monkey urine if you thought it would make you skinny! Willpower is definitely not the problem.

Finally, I made two very important decisions...

It isn't about a lack of willpower.

There's nothing "wrong" with you and you don't have an eating disorder.

What you have is a very well practiced coping mechanism for your life.

Beneath each frenzied attempt at a new diet is One. Single. Belief. The belief that you don’t have the power to solve this problem yourself. You've been lead to believe that your weight problem is crazy-pants complex and you’re not smart enough to solve it yourself. So you struggle and you strive and you lose and gain the same 20 kilos year after year after year...

But before you drown your sorrows in a deep fried Snickers bar, stop! I have some fabulous, game changing news for you... You're NOT weak. You're NOT broken. You CAN overcome this. And what's more, I'm going to help you make it happen.

So, now that we're friends, let me give you the hot tip...

Slapping another band-aid on this problem & telling yourself it's solved will not work. 

Healing it at the source is the only solution.

If you truly want to break free from a lifetime of emotional eating and diet drama, you will need help. Sure, you can try ONE.MORE.DIET. You can even have another go at those super delicious meal replacement shakes that have been collecting dust in your pantry since 1984. But the bottom line remains the same...

If you have tried everything & you're still stuck in a battle with your body & food, THIS is what you've been praying for...

Look, we all know what we "should" be doing.

And as much as I would love to tell you that I'm sending you a batch of chocolate muffins that make you skinny, the cost of postage (and the fact that they're not real) prevents it.

If you want to lose weight, eat more fruit and veg, eat less refined foods, right? Let’s face it… it’s not rocket science. But why can't we do it? Because we're not using the right tools.

Ditch the Diet Online Bootcamp will provide you with a set of tools, systems and strategies to help you overcome the mental challenges behind emotional eating, such as “why is one piece of chocolate cake never enough…in fact…why is the entire chocolate cake never enough??!”

Ditch the Diet Bootcamp makes ending the battle with your body and food feel like a guilty pleasure.

Just Imagine...

  • Waking up each morning feeling in control, instead of hoping like crazy you can resist devouring the entire contents of your refrigerator (before noon)
  • Keeping chocolate in the house without feeling scared or counting down the minutes until you binge.
  • Coming home after work and NOT bingeing like the Cookie Monster or eating an entire meal in snacks while you cook the "real food" for your family
  • Actually being excited to shake your booty at the latest party because you finally feel good about yourself AND your body ("Dang, girl! You lookin' mighty fine")
  • Having a support network that is there for you 24/7. Yup, that's right. When you join Ditch the Diet you'll become part of the coolest group of loving, compassionate and supportive babes on the planet who KNOW what you're going through because they're going through it too.
  • PLUS I'll be right by your side the whole time to give you big squishy hugs and support the heck out of your journey as we kick the obsession and food fear to the curb!

Are you ready to say buh-bye to stressing over food and FINALLY get on with your life?

You're about to take a magical journey that will transform your relationship with food, for life. (no trip to Hogwarts required)

"Working on my emotional eating issues with the support of Kylie Pax showed me I had some unhealthy habits and Kylie has helped me understand what was holding me back AND how I can move forward! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!"

- KDInspiredLife Instagram Sensation

"I lost 10kilos! I am gobsmacked at the changes. All my clothes are too big now!

Before Ditch the Diet, I didn't realise there was one other person who struggled like I did. Now I've lost 10 kilos. All my clothes are swimming on me and my "tight" jeans are being held up with a belt! I just can not believe the difference Ditch the Diet has made to my life and my relationship with food. Thank you so much, Kylie. Please know you have changed my life. Yep, it's a big call but it's true. You are truly a gift and I could never thank you enough for setting me free. I'm a better person today because I met you 6 weeks ago.

- Ashlea Elias, Australia


Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

Hey, cute head! Do you live in Australia? GST may be applied at checkout for you!

Hear what our live participants

have to say about Ditch the Diet Bootcamp...

My battle with my body and food is definitely no secret.

I talk about it in the media. I talk about it in interviews. I know what it’s like to hurt over your relationship with food because I lived it for 30 years.

 If you spend your days trying to get your eating “perfect” and when you don’t (which is almost always), you binge and promise yourself you’ll “start again tomorrow”, or

 You are constantly obsessing or stressing over food, your body and your weight, or 

The thought of going on one more diet makes you want to poke your eyes out with pretzel sticks, this is for you.

Here's What You'll Get



Each week my magic unicorns will deliver brand spanking new content to your inbox. 

You will receive access to a tasty selection of video, audio, printable content. All downloadable and all keep-able so you can listen on the run, watch on the fly or print and use wallpaper for your kitchen (see all the cool things I do for you?) 

I'm all about maximising your learning experience, so it's super important to take advantage of the method that works best for you.


You want exclusive? You got it!

Joining Ditch the Diet means getting an "Access All Areas" pass to ALL my secret weight loss weapons!

You'll receive life time access to the exclusive Membership site where you'll find your Notes, Worksheets, MP3's and Videos. All the tools I personally used to overcome emotional eating for good!

PLUS you'll receive automatic updates, special offers and access to exclusive member content that isn't available to regular people.


Yup. This is where it gets real. 

As someone who lived with emotional eating, bingeing and dieting for 30 years, I understand the importance of finding recipes that are nutritious, delicious and won't trigger an all-out binge session (know what I'm talkin' bout?)

I have personally selected some of my very favourite recipes that the whole family will enjoy. That's right. No more "diet food" for you and "real food" for them. 

I have vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten free, sugar free and paleo. Whatever your dietary requirements are, Ditch the Diet has got you covered. 


When you join Ditch the Diet, you become part of the exclusive DTD Sisterhood. Within the private Facebook group you can connect with women just like you, who understand the drama of emotional eating because they've been there too. 

Need more? I answer your most common questions in the Weekly Masterclasses! Finally you can get the personal support you need. 

Here's What You'll Discover



The Eating Code is a system I created from years of research, trial, error, donuts, tears and finally... SUCCESS!

This is a set of 5 Guidelines that helped me completely ELIMINATE emotional eating, binge eating, middnight booty calls with the refrigerator and LOSE OVER 20 KILOS.

The Eating Codes will give you the EXACT STEPS I used to break up with emotional eating and lose over 20 kilos so that you can do it too.

And the best part ? No more being told what to eat and when. This time YOU hold all the power!


No more guess work. No more vague tips. The Eating Code is the exact system I used to eliminate binge eating and take my weight loss from zero to super-sexy diva status. 

I was the queen of excuses. I had and excuse for EVERYTHING. I would tell myself I could always eat now and start again tomorrow. And I did. For over 20 years.

I'll show you WHY you keep doing that and HOW to change those patterns, easily!

I'll help you create a new way of thinking so that becoming and staying healthy will no longer be something you are "doing", but just the natural outcome of the way you live your life. 


Still hating on your body?

I share with you the 12 MOST IMPORTANT POINTS to know when it comes to overcoming negative body image. 

You'll discover why it's important to face things head on (don't run screaming, I promise this works!)

And when it comes to stress eating, I will give you the golden keys I personally used to beat the binge so that you don't make pizza your new BFF every time life throws a little drama your way.


This is about the time when you would normally cave in. "It's too hard. I messed it up. I'll stuff my face today and start again tomorrow".

Sound familiar? I show you how to tear down the walls of resistance. But those walls won't come tumbling down by themselves. I give you an EXACT PLAN showing you how to take action in spite of doubt, fear or resistance. 

This is where the TRUE transformation occurs.

Here's What You'll Eat



After spending so many years eating my "diet food" (hello, soggy lettuce leaves and soup that tastes like old gym socks) these days, I'm a huge fan of variety...

Which is exactly why I'm giving you full access to over 100 recipes in one enormous, she-bang Ditch the Diet Recipe Library! Pretty cool, eh? Yeah, I thought you'd say that.

You'll have lifetime access to instantly downloadable healthy Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners as well as snacks, smoothies and juices (don't worry, there's still a few soups and salads in there too!)


believe eating should NOT be about restriction, deprivation or replacing real food with pills, shakes or anything that tastes like cardboard.

Plueeaase! We've all done that enough times to make even the Cookie Monster barf. Eating is SUPPOSED to be fun, easy and guilt free (am I right?) All recipes in the Ditch the Diet program are made with fresh, wholefood ingredients guaranteed NOT to send you on a crazy pants sugar binge.

This food will make reaching your natural weight feel like a guilty pleasure.


live by the K.I.S.S motto: Keep It Simple and Sexy. Why make things harder than they have to be? All the recipes in the Ditch the Diet Recipe Box are super simple and fast! 

Why? Because despite my many talents, cooking is not one of them. I want food that's fast, fresh and easier than a Pop Tart to make.

You want to get delicious, healthy food, family friendly food on the table, fast? I've got you covered.


have carefully selected a variety of recipes covering vegan, vegetarian, paleo, raw, gluten free and sugar free options. No exclusions here, baby! Ditch the Diet has aaaall your dietary needs covered like double chocolate coating on a Snickers bar.


Such a simple but effective program, it still amazes me! So simple in fact that it works well for meal times for my whole family, even with the fussiest of little eaters!

I know what to do now.

I have tried so many diets along the way, and nothing has come close to working with Kylie.

If you had given up hope like I had, then I highly recommend working with Kylie … I promise, you won’t look back.

Tricia Leo


I have really stepped up eating nutritious food and working on my emotional eating issues with the support of Kylie Pax. 

I had some unhealthy habits I wanted to change and Ditch the Diet Online Bootcamp has helped me understand what was holding me back and how I can move forward.


KDInspiredLife - Instagram Sensation


I'm so thankful to Kylie for all she has done for me. I can feel myself changing from the inside and it's because of you, Kylie. No one has spoken to my heart the way you have. 

I needed concrete direction. I needed someone who had been in the depths of despair and made her way out of it. Kylie my love, you are too good to be true! You are a wonder to behold. Your dedication is unbelievable!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you for your time, encouragement, energy, unending love and wisdom. My life will never be the same.

Darlee Bratcher

Want More? ('course you do!)



Once you become one of the "cool chicks" in the DTD Sisterhood, you instantly become a lifetime VIP Member! No annual fees, no lock-in contracts, just permanent access to the exclusive Membership Site, your training materials plus automatic instant updates! 

You never have to stress about falling behind because Ditch the Diet is specifically designed so you can go at your own pace and access your materials from anywhere via your tablet or smart phone....sqweeee!


LIVE MASTERCLASSES (Total Value $1000)

Looking for personal support? You got it! You will receive instant access to a BONUS 6 weekly Masterclasses as part of your Bootcamp frivolities! Each week we deep dive into your struggles with food, weight loss and Ben & Jerry's ice cream as we tackle the challenges becoming the next level version of you, head on. 

Each weekly Masterclass will be available in the membership site so you can watch and download the mp3 for an eternity of listening pleasure.


EXCLUSIVE Q&A LAB (Total Value $1000)

This is the pot of magical weight loss gold you've been looking for.

Almost thirty Q&A Videos with my exclusive insider tips covering exactly how to make this work with your life, your routine and your busy schedule. How to Beat the Binge, Cut the Cravings, Silence the Self Sabotage AND what, when and how much to eat.

It's all there. It's all yours. It's fully downloadable. And it's FREE when you join Ditch the Diet!



Yeah, baby! Every. Single. Recipe. from the Bootcamp has been dipped in coconut and rolled into one ginormous recipe book! No more pick 'n print. Now you can browse the Recipe Library and choose a recipe at your leisure or simply download the whole whopping great thing in the NEW Ditch the Diet Recipe Book!  

Over 200 pages of DTD approved, binge proof, knock your socks off delicious recipes and they're all yours, FREEEEEE!!



I'm throwing in almost 100 pages of my very best Five Minute Food Freedom Secrets plus my famous Dial Down the Sugar Guide. Have you ever wondered why you're so obsessed with food?

Five Minute Food Freedom Secrets and Dial Down the Sugar reveals how I moved out of the emotional eating nightmare and how you can do it too!



It really doesn't get any better than this. I'm offering you my personal "love it to bits" money back guarantee! Try Ditch the Diet Bootcamp for two full weeks* and if you don't just love it so much you could kiss it, then send me an email and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked! Why would I do this? Because it took me years to put this program together for you and I KNOW it works. If it can help me, it can definitely help YOU!

*Terms & Conditions apply


Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

Hey, cute head! Do you live in Australia? GST may be applied at checkout for you!

About Kylie

Hey there, you sexy-ass creature! I'm Kylie!

I’m the sassy diva you see swanning around the internet better known as Australia's Emotional Eating Coach. I'm also an ex fad dieter who quit binge eating and lost over 20 kilos (and all without brain surgery, hypnosis or that pin-pricking thing they do...)

Ditch the Diet Online Bootcamp is the solution for any woman who has ever tried to diet and failed, prayed to the god of Krispy Kremes, and then tried and failed AGAIN.

If you’ve ever promised yourself that this time will be different, Ditch the Diet is for you.

If you’ve ever started a new diet on Monday morning and then stuffed your face with cream puffs by Monday afternoon, Ditch the Diet is for you.

If you’ve ever been seduced by the latest fad diet with the promise of looking like a Victoria's Secret Angel by 5am tomorrow morning, then Ditch the Diet is for YOU! 

Are you ready to quit fantasising about Snickers bars make you skinny and end the fight with food?

I did it and so can you.

Oodles of love,

Kylie x

Read more about my story here

Is Ditch the Diet Bootcamp Right For You?

The whole purpose of Ditch the Diet Bootcamp is to equip you to never need my help again.

 I want this to be the LAST TIME you ever need to think about food as anything more than a healthy way to nourish your body. I want this to be the LAST TIME you yo-yo diet, binge or use food to sweeten your day after the mother-in-law compares your sense of style to a rabid squirrel. And I definitely want this to be the LAST TIME you ever count another calorie or weigh another flea-sized portion of food.

Sure, there will be many "last times" as you become a craving fighting ninja, but there will also be lots of first times...

Like the first time you realise you don’t need to eat 85 chocolate bars after a fight with the partner. Or the first time you are able to buy a cake from the bakery, serve it to the family and not sneak back to the fridge all night for “just one more slice” 

I want you to be incredibly, outrageously, insanely happy with your life.

 So, if you think me + you equals a winning combo, then just hit the link below and let’s get this ball rolling!


​​Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

Hey, cute head! Do you live in Australia? GST may be applied at checkout for you!


Before DTD I was just about ready to check myself into rehab because I had driven myself crazy with diet "stuff". I was absolutely terrified of food. Like, cold sweat, anxiety and tears just thinking about what I could eat. The only foods I ate were protein shakes, spinach and chicken. I was scared to eat fruit, beans, any starches, fat, carrots, nuts and the list goes on and on. Of course in my off times I would eat ALL the frosting off entire cakes and tons of other crazy things. I exercised for 2+ hours a day. Ironically, I kept gaining more and MORE weight.

But since joining DTD, I eat fruit now! And beans, and nuts and carrots and avocado and anything I want because I'm not afraid any more! I can even have just one cookie now and not an entire plate! I got more out of this than I ever imagined.

Laura Iverson


This has blown me away! I loved every bit of the Bootcamp! It was inspirational, empowering and FUN!!!

It really felt as if I was having a heart to heart conversation with a good friend who knows me so well and is there for me!

I felt understood and supported.

Thank you for the insights you have given, for the support you give and for being there for all of us!

I am so glad to have signed up and thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kylie

Thank you and keep on spreading your light!

Sevvi Dubai


DTD is not only helping me but my kids as well who will see me have a healthy relationship with food.

I have erased my Weight watchers app after two years but the biggest thing I've learned is that I can forgive myself and love myself unconditionally no matter how imperfect my day is or how much I struggle.

My weaknesses don't define me, my strengths do. Thank you for starting to give me back my self love.

Thank you for starting to give me back my self love.

Reem Khan

Q & A Time

How does the program work?

We’ll hook up each week for 6 weeks via your weekly modules and in the private Ditch the Diet Facebook group. This means I'll be sprinkling some pixie dust into your life each week as we share a virtual green smoothie and change your relationship with food, forever. 

I don't want to join the Facebook support group. Can I still join?

Absolutely! The Facebook group is definitely very cool, not not an essential part of the program. All your content will be available via the private Membership Site so you can still access all your materials, weekly videos, mp3's, workbooks, recipes, bonus material aaaaand take part in the weekly live Masterclasses!

Do you have a payment plan?

Sure do! I’m a big believer in making things happen and I know you are too. I can already hear your squeals of delight, so go ahead and bust out your happy dance! Instalment payments are sexy!

Do you have a refund policy?

Absolutely! From the date the Bootcamp opens, the magical Ditch The Diet Fairy will grant you a FULL WEEK* to take the course and all it's materials for a test run. After that time, the Fairy can no longer grant refunds (I think her powers are revoked by Hobbits) 

Is there anything I won't get in Ditch the Diet Bootcamp?

Yes! Another diet! Ditch the Diet Online Bootcamp is aimed at creating a permanent lifestyle shift. No tricks. No fads. And definitely no diets.

Ready to dive in?

*Terms & Conditions apply


Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

Hey, cute head! Do you live in Australia? GST may be applied at checkout for you!

About Kylie

Kylie is Australia’s Emotional Eating Coach and creator of Ditch the Diet. Her superpowers include overcoming thirty years of emotional eating, losing 20 kilos and being able to stand next to a chocolate cake without wanting to roll around in it, naked. Named “better than a diet pill” by thousands around the globe, Kylie inspires women to a greater life by ending the battle with their body and food, for life.