How would it feel to completely quit binge eating & sabotaging your weight loss in only 90 minutes?

What would it take?


Kylie Pax

Hey, sexy thang!

I'm Kylie Pax!

Australia's Emotional Eating Coach

And I'm your the fairy godmother of FAST TRANSFORMATION. 

  If your life, body and relationship with food is sometimes in control (but mostly not) and kinda, sorta moving in the right direction (but mostly not) and you're so DONE with feeling guilty and stressed over every tiny morsel of food that passes your lips then keep scrolling, baby... this is for YOU.

I spent 30 years searching like a rabid squirrel for the momentum I KNEW I needed to quit the diet, huge-ass binge, new diet cycle (insert mass chocolate consumption, shame and feeling like a failure here) to being Focused, Driven, Determined and Successful.

And I'm not talking just with my weight and my relationship with food, but in AAAALLL areas of my life!

Oh! And did I mention I broke up with emotional eating and lost 20 kilos in the process?

Imagine if you could quit binge eating & sabotaging your weight loss results in 90 Minutes or less...

The desperation you feel right now? I remember it like it was yesterday.

Me. Sitting perfectly still on the floor of my exclusively furnished office, knowing it was over.

My marriage, gone.

My business, also gone.

And along with it drifted the last smoky fragments of any hope for my future.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, was it?

This was not how the story was supposed to end. My Prince Charming was supposed to PROTECT me, not LEAVE me with a mountain of unpaid bills, a broken heat and a throbbing fear in the pit of my stomach that no amount of ice cream could dull.

As my fingers caressed the wrapper of ANOTHER block of chocolate, I wondered... was there ANYTHING that could stop me from eating it?

Because the evidence of my bulging stomach was looking looking pretty grim, and all Hershey bar wrappers pointed to, no.

Not even the fact that I already felt sick to my stomach could stop me.

The inner need for relief.

The longing.

The deep, dark fear within me that cried like a beast to be fed.

You're lazy. Look at you... Fat. Broke. Alone.

And the worse part?

I was pretty sure that fear was right.

I WAS overweight.

I WAS broke.

And now, I was totally and utterly ALONE.


Just the word strikes fear into the heart of single women everywhere.

And it was at that point, as I sat in the midst of debt collection notices and melted chocolate wrappers, that I realised…

Surely if I could CHOOSE to be miserable with my body, my weight & my life, I could also UN-choose it, right?

If there was ever a time in my life when food was NOT my method of love, comfort, reward (and punishment), then it HAD to be possible to be that way again, right?


If I could break the pattern of self destructive eating once and for all.

With renewed hope I gathered myself (and the remnants of my dignity) up off the floor and began to journal.

I wrote and I wrote and I wrote and as I did, what was revealed to me SHOCKED me to my very CORE.

After thirty years of STRUGGLING with my weight, I now saw with crystal CLARITY why I was making EVERY LAST DECISION I was making not only with FOOD, but my entire LIFE.

In 90 minutes I had created a system. A system that took me from CONFUSED and DISAPPOINTED with my eating and myself to empowered, motivated and INSPIRED to change.

Over the following days, weeks and months, excess weight literally FELL OFF my body.

Chocolate cake? Oh no thanks. None for me.

I now had a FAST TRACKED SYSTEM that allowed me to breakthrough over thirty years of conflict with food and gain a momentum and assurance that I was in TOTAL CONTROL of my body, my weight and my LIFE.

And the VERY best part?

Now I'm sharing it with you!

Introducing the 90 Minute Breakthrough!

90 Minutes Can Change Your Life

The 90 Minute Breakthrough is here and it's INTENSE.

If you're done with the diet rollercoaster, overcomplicated workout routines and constantly feeling like you never have enough time to take take of YOURSELF, let alone fight those night time cravings, this is for you.

The 90 Minute Switch

There is a switch. 

It's called the 90 Minute Switch.

And if you don't know how to work it, it will automatically work YOU.

In 90 minutes I will tear down your old belief system (the one that is keeping you stuck in the self sabotage holding pattern), get to the root of why you not only do what you do with FOOD but why you do EVERYTHING you do in your life, and then completely rebuild your thought process from the ground up AND implement a rock solid action plan so you can roll it out EASILY.

Are You Ready For Breakthrough?

Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

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You're NOT lazy.

You're NOT out of control.​

You CAN take control of your relationship with food.​

And what's more, I'm here to make it happen!

This is the Breakthrough you've been searching for!  

Look, you don't need ME to tell you what to do to lose weight. 

YOU'RE the weight loss champion of the universe. It's not the weight loss that's the problem here. 

It's the secret eating, night time binges and repetitive self sabotage that's the problem. 

And as much as I would love to tell you that losing a few kilos will solve all that for you (brace yourself)...

It won't.

Because it's not WHAT you're eating that's the problem.

It's not even HOW MUCH you're eating.

It's your THINKING that's holding you back.

It's that you've never flicked the 90 Minute Switch!

The 90 Minute Breakthrough will have you shedding the behaviours that were holding you back like a crumpled packet of M&M's and provide you with the precise systems, strategies and process for UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM to breakup with emotional eating and overcome the mental blocks that were holding you back so you can FINALLY reach and STAY AT your natural body weight...

for life!

Just Imagine...

  • Actually WANTING to workout and eat right, instead of hoping like crazy you can resist eating the remains of last nights pizza for breakfast.
  • Effortlessly turning down chocolate and chips (Whhaa?! Yup. And not because the Hershey's and Doritos factory went out of business either )
  • Dealing with the fear and resistance around taking CONSISTENT action
  • Developing the Mindset of Motivation and knowing the Science of Sexy so that there is no cheesecake in the WORLD that can deter you from your goals
  • Having a, entire Tribe of Sexy Motivated women that to support you 24/7. Yup, that's right. When you join the Sexy Motivation Tribe you'll become one of the "cool chicks". We are a Tribe of kick-ass, compassionate and ridiculously motivated women who KNOW the challenges you face because they've been there too. In other words, they're feelin' ya'... know what I'm sayin'? PLUS I'll be right by your side the whole time to give you big squishy hugs with a side salad of asskickery to make sure you NEVER miss a beat.

The 90 Minute Breakthrough will show you exactly WHY you've been keeping yourself stuck & transform your way of thinking for life.

(no trip to Hogwarts required)

Allison P United States


 I am now loving myself and notice everyday that I am growing and transforming both mentally and physically which is super exciting!

I've lost over 50 pounds!!

Kathryn DickieKDinspiredLife


 I have really stepped up eating nutritious food and working on my emotional eating issues with the support of Kylie Pax. I had some unhealthy habits I wanted to change and this has helped me understand what was holding me back and how I can move forward. 


Lauren MU.S.A.


Its only been 3 weeks and I am the lightest I have been in 3 years and I have never felt so confident.

I had struggled with overeating for years. THANK YOU, KYLIE PAX!!!!!​



 Finally I am free to be me! Three dress sizes GONE and that's not even the best part! The BEST part is how good I feel and how CONFIDENT I am now. I used to think I had to get everything PERFECT but now Kylie has shown me that it was my perfectionism that was keeping me STUCK!

Thank you!

Darlee BUnited States

I LOST 14lbs / 6.5kg IN 4 WEEKS!!

I'm so thankful to Kylie for all she has done for me. I can feel myself changing from the inside and it's because of you, Kylie. No one has spoken to my heart the way you have. I needed concrete direction. I needed someone who had been in the depths of despair and made her way out of it. Kylie my love, you are too good to be true! You are a wonder to behold. Your dedication is unbelievable!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you for your time, encouragement, energy, unending love and wisdom. My life will never be the same.



 Kylie, you have changed my life FOREVER. This was everything I never knew I needed.

I'll never look back.

Are you ready to wave "buh-bye" to frustration & disappointment & Breakthrough to a NEW LEVEL of weight loss success? 

-  Here's How It Works -


This is a 1:1 session with me. It is specifically designed to get you the results you want, FAST. We will start by getting VERY clear on where you’re at now, where you want to be and then I will show you the fastest way to close the gap. 

This includes

  • Moving past procrastination to the body you actually want
  • Silencing the voice of self sabotage
  • Releasing resistance and RECLAIMING your power
  • Fear of failure AND fear of success


We get to the root of your self destructive behaviour with food and I’ll show you exactly why you continue to sabotage your weight loss efforts so you can re-focus and realign yourself for success.

You don't need more INFORMATION. You need TRANSFORMATION.

I will show you how to turn INTENTION into IMPLEMENTATION. 


It’s time to completely rebuild your thought process from the ground up! I’m talking implementing a rock solid action plan that works WITH you and FOR you and ALLOWS you to move forward with effortless momentum. This will involve a very structured process that I only use with my high level clients because I KNOW it works.

The 90 Minute Breakthrough will show you how to re-write your DNA so that success effortlessly becomes part of WHO YOU ARE. 


So really, if you had the choice between being stuck where you are now, and having your ideal, desired outcome, which one would you really like to be? If you’re still stuck in the same place you are now in 12 months, how is that going to feel? What would it be like to move past all this in UNDER TWO HOURS?

Remember, it's MOTION that creates MOMENTUM. 

This is for you if you're feeling stuck with your progress. You know what to do, but you can't seem to do it. You have lost weight before and can't figure out why you gain it back every time.

Are you ready to Breakthrough?

Are You Ready For Your Breakthrough?

Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

Hey, cute head! Do you live in Australia? GST will be automatically applied at checkout for you!

Who is this Kylie Pax chick?

​Hi cute head! I'm Kylie

I’m the sassy diva you see swanning around on the internet known as Australia's Emotional Eating Coach. Oh! I'm also an ex fad dieter who broke up with emotional eating and lost 20 kilos (and all without brain surgery, hypnosis or that pin-pricking thing they do...)

The 90 Minute Breakthrough is for any woman who has ever tried to motivate herself to lose weight and uh, failed (insert a five day binge and promises to "do better next time" here).

If you’ve ever told yourself that this time will be different, 90 Minute Breakthrough is for you.

If you’ve ever started a new diet on Monday and binged on cookies and stale pizza by Tuesday afternoon, 90 Minute Breakthrough is for you.

If you’ve ever been seduced by the latest fad diet or workout program with the promise of looking like a Cover Girl by 5am tomorrow morning, then, yeah... 90 Minute Breakthrough is for YOU!

Are you ready to quit fantasising about Snickers bars that make you skinny and actually nail down exactly what it takes for YOU to succeed?

I did it and so can you.

Oodles of love,


Is 90 Minute Breakthrough Right For You?

Well, let's see...

Do you ENJOY feeling like a failure every time you lose 5 kilos and gain back 15?


Why am I not surprised.

If your cheese, chips and chocolate cravings are standing between you and your goals or

You can’t stop at just one bite of cake or ice cream or

The last time you successfully ended your day without eating "bad" food was 1998 or

The story of your life is diet > binge > new diet or

You know what you WANT to do but you can't get motivated to actually STICK WITH IT...

Then yeah, you need this.

This really can be the LAST TIME you ever need to think about food as anything more than a healthy way to nourish your body. 

It can be the LAST TIME you yo-yo diet, binge or use food to sweeten your day after the mother-in-law compares your sense of style to a Lady GaGa meat dress

And it definitely can be the LAST TIME you ever count another calorie or weigh another flea-sized portion of food.

But YOU have to decide that you deserve this...

You have to DECIDE that you deserve a life that is so INSPIRING, ENERGISED and EFFORTLESS, you'll be the envy of every Skinny B you've ever met.

You have to DECIDE that you deserve a life where you're not constantly raiding the fridge and squashing your dreams.

You have to DECIDE that you deserve to be incredibly, outrageously, insanely happy with your life.

So, if you think me + you equals a winning combo, then just hit the link below and let’s get this ball rolling!


Are You Ready For Your Breakthrough?

Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

Hey, cute head! Do you live in Australia? GST will be automatically applied at checkout for you!

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