"Can I lose weight and eat pizza too?"

Honeys, if you're NOT working pizza (or any of the foods you love) into your weight loss plan, girl, you're doing it wrong.

I lost 20kg and I never once did I deny myself the foods I love.⁠

Here's how it works:⁠

1. Make a Simple Daily Plan (that is do-able)
Start by planning your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day and WRITE IT DOWN. Your brain does not take an imaginary plan in your head seriously. Write that sh*t down, girl!⁠Enter your text here...

I lost 20kg and I never once did I deny myself the foods I love.⁠

2. Include Foods You Love In Your Plan
You want tacos? Put them on the Plan. Fancy some ice cream? Put it on the Plan. Donuts? Plan them. The ⁠idea is that when you give yourself permission to include the foods you love in your diet, you don't feel like you've "messed up" or "failed" when you eat them.⁠ Not only that, you teach your brain that the foods you love are not off-limits. You *can* eat your pizza and lose weight too.⁠

3. Execute The Plan⁠
You have your Simple Daily Plan. You wrote it down. Now it's time to execute. You can now eat whatever you wrote on your plan. There's just one condition... you ONLY eat if you're hungry. And if you're not hungry, you don't eat. This is bound to bring up a whole new set of feelings such as "but I want it!" or "I deserve it". Learning to navigate your emotions around food is the main focus of my FREE Weight Loss Course.

Here's the thing:⁠

*Of course*, you want it and YES, you absolutely deserve it but you know what you deserve even MORE? ⁠

To live in a body that you feel comfortable in and stop putting your dreams of weight loss on hold for one. more. day. while you eat enough food to feed a small village #justsaying⁠

Hit the link to get my FREE Weight Loss Course and tag me with your results! ⁠

You got this, girl!⁠

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