Even over the phone, I could hear her desperation…

“Kylie”, she said. “I don’t know what to do anymore?” “What’s going on?”, I replied.

“I feel ashamed and broken. I just ate my way though a weeks’ supply of junk food, strategically placed the chocolate wrappers at the bottom of the bin so as not to alert the family, and all I can think is, how can I get to the shops to buy more iced donuts? Please! Can you help me?” 

I could hear the tremor in her voice. It was the echo of my own voice only a few short years earlier when it was ME that was drowning in junk food wrappers and waves of self loathing.  Could I help her? Heck! I used to BE her!

Emotional Eating is a painful place to be. The guilt. The shame. You feel as though you are hiding a secret that could destroy you at any moment. The problem, of course,  is that it already is.


I’m Kylie Pax

I’m the sassy diva you see swanning around on the internet known as Australia’s Emotional Eating Coach. Oh! I’m also an ex fad dieter who broke up with emotional eating and lost 20 kilos

(and all without brain surgery, hypnosis or that pin-pricking thing they do…)

If your life, body and relationship with food is sometimes in control (but mostly not) and kinda, sorta moving in the right direction (but mostly not) and you’re so DONE with feeling guilty and stressed over every tiny morsel of food that passes your lips then Hola! We’re about to become BFF’s.


If there’s one thing I know from losing and gaining the same 20 kilos over 20 times in my life, it’s that when it comes to breaking up with emotional eating and losing weight, you have to keep your eye on the ball

(Unless that ball looks like a peanut M&M, in which case you should look away immediately)


Success in any area of life requires guidance and accountability.

You have to know WHY you’re sabotaging your results before you can CHANGE them. 

Eventually you have to stop blaming your lack of time, your stressful life or your lack of self control and realise that those ridiculous story you’re telling yourself about how you’re REALLY going to lose weight starting “next Monday” is not the same as actually DOING IT. 


So, what should you do?

I’ll be upfront. My programs are not for the faint hearted.

If you’re expecting another “quick fix” program where you drop 10kg and gain back 15kg, then this will be massively disappointing. 

My programs work for both men and women who can’t stand one more day of feeling out of control around food. I have worked with over 1,000 people worldwide and I know what it takes to get real results. And by “real” I mean results that last longer than a chocolate cake at a Weight Watchers meeting and by “I know what it takes” I mean… I KNOW what it takes because I’ve lived it.

If you just want to get “skinny”, visit Jenny Craig. If you want to fit back into your size 8 high school jeans, relive the memories in your yearbook. But if you want profound change that will break lifelong patterns of self destructive behaviour with food, work with me.


Let's do this


What people are saying…


                           SUSAN Perth, Australia  |  LEAH Victoria, Australia  |  MICHELLE Business Owner, WooWoo Life

I have made SO much progress since working with Kylie and I know I could never have done it without her.  To describe Kylie’s sessions as simply “coaching” is an understatement. She has completely changed my life AND I’ve lost 5 pounds and kept it off.

ADEL GEZRON Hollywood Celebrity

Since working with Kylie I have lost over 7 kilos which previously was impossible for me. She has a true gift. Her work is so powerful. Thank you for helping me finally feel comfortable in my body. You are inspired.


After a session with Kylie, everything makes sense. I can see why I do what I do with food AND how to change it. I finally feel like I have control again. I’ve lost 2 dress sizes!!


After YEARS of suffering with food I now have the tools to make progress. Everything just makes sense because Kylie “gets” it. She’s not someone who just tells you what to do. She shows you WHY you were doing it to start with. She’s not just a regular Coach. She’s extraordinary! Thank you for giving me my control back!

VIV KATS Adelaide, Australia.

I’ve lost 19 kilos! Working with Kylie is SO effective, it still amazes me! I have tried so many diets along the way, and nothing has come close to working with Kylie. If you had given up hope like I had, then I highly recommend working with Kylie … I promise, you won’t look back!

TRICIA L Adelaide, Australia 

My goal is to never diet again! I have really stepped up eating nutritious food and working on my emotional eating issues with the support of Kylie Pax. I had some unhealthy habits I wanted to change and working with Kylie has helped me understand what was holding me back and how I can move forward. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

KDInspiredLife Instagram celebrity

I’ve lost close to 10 pounds, and I feel confident that I’m going to continue to lose weight until I get to a weight that works best for my body. No calorie-counting, no diets, no self-deprivation. Kylie has had a truly positive impact on my life and I’m so grateful I found her. I really cannot recommend this enough!




Let's do this



ALICE G  Sydney  |  BUFFY M South Australia

4.5 kilos gone! This was my struggle for years and Kylie has changed all that for good. No more giving up when things get hard. Now I have the tools and the BELIEF in myself to make this work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

SONIQUE M Entrepreneur

I love it! I love ALL of it!! It all makes sense now. I finally understand why I was sabotaging my success and I know exactly how to change it. I feel so free!!

VICTORIA M Sales Manager

The best part is I can finally TRUST MYSELF to make food decisions that are right for me. I’m living with integrity now (and shopping for a whole new wardrobe!)


With Kylie’s guidance I can now see EXACTLY why I was not able to keep the weight off before. I am absolutely floored! This is the most powerful shift I have ever had. I am so glad I said yes to working with Kylie!

MADELINE G  Entrepreneur



Let's do this