Why You Keep Overeating At Night

This week we're talking about the sneaky little lies that are keeping you overweight and how you can recognise and reverse them

Let's talk about reason #103 why you keep overeating at night... "banking calories".

"I haven't eaten all day so I DESERVE this"⁠
"I haven't eaten all day so I can AFFORD to eat this"⁠
"I haven't eaten all day so I can SPLURGE now"⁠

*insert whiney voice here*

Straight up, banking calories is not a thing. You can't "save now, spend later" when it comes to calories and what you eat. Your body needs sufficient calories all throughout the day so it can function efficiently. And if you don't give it those calories when it needs them, it will force you to eat tsunami-sized portions of food to compensate.

Straight up, banking calories is not a thing. You can't "save now, spend later" when it comes to calories and what you eat.

Here's what you should do instead:⁠

You might be busy with kids, meetings etc, but it only takes a moment to check-in and see how you're feeling.⁠

This is not rocket science. What do you feel like eating at that moment? Honour your body's needs. It's here to support you for the long haul. Respect that.⁠

You don't have to bank calories or wait for a special occasion to eat the doughnut. If you want it, eat it and enjoy it. The doughnut does not mean you have "ruined" your eating or "failed". It's just a doughnut. Enjoy it for what it is and move the fu*k on.⁠

There is never going to be a "right time" to deal with your emotional eating. There is just time and you choose what to do with it.⁠⁠
It won't be easier tomorrow.⁠⁠
It won't be easier next week.⁠⁠
And it definitely won't be easier next month.⁠⁠
I want to be clear, you can't (and won't) do it before you're ready. That's okay, too. But you will need to push yourself *a little*.
Want a life and body that feels easy and not stressy?⁠ You gotta step up, girl.

It's not going to feel good, but that's what growing and becoming an even more amazing wife/mother/partner/woman looks like!
STEP 1 - What are you willing to DO to make your relationship with food (or anything) the way you want it?⁠⁠
STEP 2 - What are you willing to STOP doing to have things the way you want it?⁠⁠
STEP 3 - How can you do what's necessary to get the job done AND enjoy the process? (and p.s. there are a million options here)⁠⁠
Remember, the feelings you get from eating when you're not hungry are only a temporary escape. Changing your relationship with yourself lasts a lifetime.

And if you're looking for more ways to take control of your weight, take my FREE Weight Loss Course. Your butt will thank you for it!

Are your cravings emotional or nutritional?

It doesn’t matter how many green smoothies you drink. If your feeling sad, then gluggy green slush just ain’t gonna cut it.

But are your cravings emotional or nutritional? And how can you tell?

Here’s 3 ways to find out…



You can eat organic kale leaves until the cows come home.

You can drink fat free, gluten free, dairy free, taste free green tea from morning ’till night.

But if you’re eating for any reason other than physical hunger, no amount of food will every be enough.


So should you eat the chocolate? Yes or No? Are your cravings emotional or nutritional? And is the whole thing just a myth anyway? 

Here’s how you can tell…


Watch the episode now

and find out how to bust the fortune cookie of craving myths wide open

(fortune telling sold separately)


The Showstoppers

Sweet Cravings

You can pretty much be assured, sweet cravings are NEVER nutritional. A craving for sweets represents a craving for sweetness in your life. Bust out the frozen berries. Add some banana nice cream (OMG! It’s so good, I’m quite sure it’s sinful) and nut butter for a creamy dessert. Those berries and creamy sinful banana will satisfy your sweet tooth, and the nut butter adds healthy fats and protein (that’s right. Not all fats need to be sucked off your body with lipo. Some fats are your friend).


Salty Cravings

Got stress? Eat chips. That’s the correct response, right?  Thankfully these days I have a fancy (and much healthier) new weapon… kale chips! Leafy greens are not just for rabbits. They also provide you with the manganese (hence the cravings, uh… duh!) you may be lacking and they taste great too! Kale chips are super easy to make. Simply rinse and dry fresh kale leaves (or if you’re lazy like me, skip the rinsing and drying part), brush them with a little olive oil and top with shredded parmesan cheese or your choice of spices. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes at 180 degrees (160 degrees fan forced) and then look at them for 15 minutes before eating. Nah, just kidding… devour immediately.


Carb Cravings

I know this sounds weird but, those uncontrollable cravings for bread roll may actually mean you’re in need of some protein. How can you tell? Check it out! Try adding some fish, eggs or chicken/beef raised in a happy pasture to your next meal. I even snack on a small plate of oven roasted beans or nuts to curb those cunning cracker cravings! (try saying that 3 times fast!)


So what’s your biggest craving conundrum? And do you think it’s emotional or nutritional? Shout it out in the comments below and then…


Remember to share this post with a friend or a frenemy to up your levels of mischivity for the day (is “mischivity” actually a word?)


As always, the only person who has the power to change your life is you.

You’ve got what it takes.

Big Love!



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