A Day In My Life As a Binge Eater

Plus 3 Steps To Stop Bingeing For Good


You PROMISED yourself you wouldn’t binge today and yet here you are… dazed and confused as you stare with disappointed eyes at the empty food wrappers scattered on the floor. An ugly reminder of  just how pathetic you really are.

It’s happened again… the dreaded binge.

You stare at your reflection in the mirror and assess the damage… yup, you definitely look heavier already. Maybe you can work out extra hard tomorrow and undo the damage of the last hour. Or maybe, you should just keep eating. After all, you’ve REALLY messed it up. Might as well go for it. You can always start afresh tomorrow.

That right there, was pretty much a daily occurrence for me until I learned how to Ditch the Diet and quit the obsessive thoughts about food.

How many calories are in that chocolate bar? Cake? Bite of cake? Can I wrangle my macros to include an extra burrito? Because I really want to. And if I do, what will I have for dinner? After all, there’s no point in eating the salad I had prepared in the fridge if I’m eating burrito’s for lunch?

And that, right there… that’s the PRECISE moment when you switch from being in total control of your eating to stepping into Wolverine territory. That. Precise. Second.

The MINUTE you second guess. The MOMENT you start to bargain with yourself. That is the second you throw your soul to the self-hate wolves. They constantly stalk you, their fangs salivating, as they patiently wait for your moment of weakness when they will strike prey.

And you? Well, you are standing on the precipice between finally breaking through the nightmare and spending another night hating yourself for breaking your own promises.

No matter what stage you’re at in your journey with food, I want you to be hugely, wildly and outrageously happy with yourself. I want you to NEVER AGAIN feel the fear that just the smallest slice of cheese cake can instil when you’re trying so hard to ‘be good’ with your diet.

The truth? You CAN reach any level of success in life that you set your mind to. But you need to start somewhere, and these 3 Steps are as good a place as any…

1. Get Specific

If you do nothing else, you must do this ONE THING. Being all airy fairy with your goals will get you one steaming hot bowl of airy fairy results. Is that what you want? No. I didn’t think so. Drill down and get specific. Exactly WHAT do you want to achieve here? Stop the late night binges? Lose those 20 kilos? Create a body that is so kick ass hot that you’ll have Victoria’s Secret begging you to shake your booty on the runway? What, what, what is your ULTIMATE goal? And WHY does it matter to you? And how will you FEEL when you reach it? All of these questions are valid and all of them make a King Size KitKat of difference to you ever achieving your dreams or not.

2. Get Your Vibrator 

Now we get to the really good part. And no, I’m not talking about vibrators but I AM talking about vibration. If you’re waiting for the Magical Motivation Fairy to swing by your house and whack you over the head with her sparkly Enthusiasm Stick, then you’re not going to like what’s coming next (warning: if you still believe in Santa Clause, you may want to turn away now..) SHE’S NOT REAL!! You gotta do tha werk.

As per point number 1; drill down and ask yourself WHY you even give a rats booty about this? Does it REALLY matter to you whether you eat the pizza or not? Because in order to see a change in your behaviour, you will actually have to (wait for it) change your behaviour! Get in the vibe of the person you want to be. How will you feel when you’re 20 kg lighter? How will you walk? Talk? Eat? ALL this matters.


Because it’s the first step to believing you can actually BE that woman. BELIEVE in your ability and skills to achieve your dream. And if you really can’t, if your confidence is just too shaken right now to trust that this is really possible for you, then hook up with someone who can help you get there.

3. Get %#*@!!

And now for my favourite part… tell any thoughts that are not in alignment with the outcome you desire to GET %#*@!!  Thoughts that try to take up residency in your mind that don’t make you feel good are like that rain sodden junk mail that keeps getting crammed in your letter box. It may have been useful once, but now? Not so much.

It’s time to show up in your own life. Yes there will be days where you swear that chocolate ice cream is calling your name from the freezer but this is YOUR life and food is NOT the boss of you. Sure, you can eat it if you want to, but do you REALLY want to? Or are you craving it simply because it’s there?

Even if you just implement ONE of the 3 steps above, you’ll be miles ahead of everyone who is still trying to beat the binge with diet pills, shakes and meal replacement bars that taste like a pubescent boys football socks.

Now, I’d loooove to hear from you! What does a typical day look like for you? Are you in struggle town with your eating? Join the conversation below and remember, people come here for inspiration and direction, so let’s support each other!

Oodles of chocolate coated love!


Psssst… No one likes to party alone! Forward this post to an equally spectacular woman and let’s empower each other together! 

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