Why You Keep Overeating At Night

This week we're talking about the sneaky little lies that are keeping you overweight and how you can recognise and reverse them

Let's talk about reason #103 why you keep overeating at night... "banking calories".

"I haven't eaten all day so I DESERVE this"⁠
"I haven't eaten all day so I can AFFORD to eat this"⁠
"I haven't eaten all day so I can SPLURGE now"⁠

*insert whiney voice here*

Straight up, banking calories is not a thing. You can't "save now, spend later" when it comes to calories and what you eat. Your body needs sufficient calories all throughout the day so it can function efficiently. And if you don't give it those calories when it needs them, it will force you to eat tsunami-sized portions of food to compensate.

Straight up, banking calories is not a thing. You can't "save now, spend later" when it comes to calories and what you eat.

Here's what you should do instead:⁠

You might be busy with kids, meetings etc, but it only takes a moment to check-in and see how you're feeling.⁠

This is not rocket science. What do you feel like eating at that moment? Honour your body's needs. It's here to support you for the long haul. Respect that.⁠

You don't have to bank calories or wait for a special occasion to eat the doughnut. If you want it, eat it and enjoy it. The doughnut does not mean you have "ruined" your eating or "failed". It's just a doughnut. Enjoy it for what it is and move the fu*k on.⁠

There is never going to be a "right time" to deal with your emotional eating. There is just time and you choose what to do with it.⁠⁠
It won't be easier tomorrow.⁠⁠
It won't be easier next week.⁠⁠
And it definitely won't be easier next month.⁠⁠
I want to be clear, you can't (and won't) do it before you're ready. That's okay, too. But you will need to push yourself *a little*.
Want a life and body that feels easy and not stressy?⁠ You gotta step up, girl.

It's not going to feel good, but that's what growing and becoming an even more amazing wife/mother/partner/woman looks like!
STEP 1 - What are you willing to DO to make your relationship with food (or anything) the way you want it?⁠⁠
STEP 2 - What are you willing to STOP doing to have things the way you want it?⁠⁠
STEP 3 - How can you do what's necessary to get the job done AND enjoy the process? (and p.s. there are a million options here)⁠⁠
Remember, the feelings you get from eating when you're not hungry are only a temporary escape. Changing your relationship with yourself lasts a lifetime.

And if you're looking for more ways to take control of your weight, take my FREE Weight Loss Course. Your butt will thank you for it!



Easy Blueberry Chia Jam



You know when you just WANT something sweet but not so sweet that it will send you on a sugar binge worthy of an Academy Award? Then get ready, because this is about to shoot straight to the top of your Pinterest Board!


I think I’m the worlds biggest Chia fan. In fact, I may just start a Chia fan club.

I sprinkle it in my Green Smoothie Bowl eat Chia Pudding every day, throw a little (or a lot) in my Chocolate Banana Smoothie and sprinkle it like fairy dust in my Paleo Lemon Muffins. But now I have a new love (yes, I’m kinda fickle that way)… EASY BLUEBERRY CHIA JAM!!


I accidentally created this recipe a few years back and sure enough, it works! We all know the dangers of refined, white sugar. Forget about diabetes, weight gain and the whole “high fructose” thingy… I’m talking about the fact that one bite of that sweet white stuff and you’re hooked like a squirrel tasting M&M’s for the first time!

Even just the teeeeniest bit of white sugar sends me into a tail spin and an entire family sized block of chocolate will be nothing but crumbs within seconds, which was why I was so excited to discover a sweet treat that not only left my sanity intact, but tastes AH.MAZ.ING as well!

Want in? Yeah, I figured you would!


  • 1 cup frozen organic blueberries
  • 1tbsp rice malt syrup or honey
  • 1/2 lemon, juice only
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds

In a small saucepan, combine blueberries, rice malt syrup/honey and lemon juice and stir until combined. Add berries and mash with fork for that rustic appeal or blend in your food processor for a silky smooth consistency. Stir through chia seeds and transfer to a glass jar and allow to set in the fridge for at 1-2 hours before devouring.


Here’s some fun uses for this little jar of red deliciousness:

Throw it on some gluten free bread

Spoon it into a Strawberry Weight loss Smoothie

Slop it between a couple of Banana Oatmeal Cookies (yup, guilty!)

Add it to your Berry Breakfast

Smooth it on your Chia Pudding


Psst… Want even MORE? Check out Drink Yourself Slim for so many tips and tricks, you’ll be breaking up with emotional eating in no time!

Drink Yourself Slim has 16 delicious recipes, plus a step by step path to activating your Slim Girl, one sexy superfood smoothie at a time! That’s over 80 pages of smooth ‘n sexy goodness! 


Until next week…

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