For the woman who is done with her own BS excuses. It's time to stop the self sabotage & finally quit losing the same 20 kilos over & over because honey, you damn well deserve it.

Imagine Having A Rock-Solid Blueprint To Your Next 12 Months...

Aren't you tired of listening to your own bullsh*t?

"When I'm not so busy"
"When the kids go back to school"
"When we get out of lockdown"


You know you are capable of more.
And sometimes you actually do it.
The workouts. The great food choices. The on-fire motivation. But also, a lot of the time, you sorta, kinda... don't.  

I spent 20 years losing and gaining the same 20 kilos over and over and, err... over again


Because as good as I was at dieting (and I was a master), all the reasons I gained weight to start with were still there.

Does this sound familiar?

You've tried everything...

Diets . Meal Replacement Shakes . Fat Blasting Pills . Detoxes . More Diets . Hypnosis . Raw Food . No Food.

And you STILL can't quit the food obsession and sabotaging your hard earned weight loss, am I right?

What if...

You could spend 12 Weeks with me as I share everything I did to help me quit emotional eating and lose weight after Covid *hiss hiss* PLUS I'll be taking you behind the curtain and sharing exactly what I'm doing NOW (daily and weekly practices) to take my life, my body, self-confidence, relationship with food and HOT AF RESULTS to the next level for 2022!

I'm opening the doors to my life and bringing you in!

- Kylie Pax

Anyone can start a new program and set shiny goals...

But until you address the reasons you keep self-sabotaging, your life will never change.

I'm opening the vault on everything you need to stay motivated, dedicated & on track to having a body & a life that is sexier than a hot fudge sundae!

Here's What You Get...

In addition to each week's deep dive video training you’ll also be receiving:

LIVE Masterclasses with me to create a clear and focused plan each fortnight. 

Weekly journaling prompts to uncover your personal sticking points and remove them.

Strategy Sessions to map out your personal step-by-step action plan that is simple, strategic and easy to follow.

Exercises and worksheets to help you move past your own personal brand of BS excuses to you can stay motivated to mooove! 

LIVE Zoom Group Calls for personalised 1:1 support. 

12 Weeks of group support from kickass women just like YOU in the Private Facebook Group.


• PLUS I'll be taking you behind the doors to my daily routine so you can swipe my system and find out how I not only meet my daily food, movement and mindset goals, but exceed them!

• I'll show you exactly how I keep levelling up each day and more importantly...

• How I avoid diving into a chocolate cake when things don't to plan.

• I'll teach you how I set and hold my personal boundaries (and not compromise when things get tough)

• What it really takes to level-up your "normal" and more importantly, how to keep it there!

• And best of all, I'll show you how to move past your limiting beliefs (you know the ones... "happiness is meant for other people. Not for me") and program your mind for some epic shiz results, like, NOW!

Step into the shoes of the woman who gets what she wants with ease and for life because it's just who she IS.

- Kylie Pax


EMPOWER starts Monday 6th December but you can get in early and unlock bonus savings of just $37/WEEK!!

Here's What You Can Expect...

How does a whole bunch of time, freedom and weight off your shoulders (and body) sound?

Pretty good? Yeah, I thought so.


Physical Energy (yup, releasing the constant push and getting your ass in alignment will do that for you)

Emotional Energy. Trying to avoid the things (tasks, people, food) that you don't want is draining. We're about to free all that space up, honey!

An EXPLOSION of Confidence! I'm talking creating some much-needed boundaries that support your desires, rather than sabotaging them so you can move through your day with a sense of empowerment because the rules were created by you!

• Push past your comfort zone with ease because honey, you were not born to be fenced in!

• End the constant comparison and get on with the job of creating the life YOU want. It's time to stop wishing you had what "she" has and start getting it for yourself, girl! 

• Finally become the action-taker you say you want to be. No more procrastination.

Peace. Happiness. And dare I say it... Love! Let's look at this logically, you know you were not put on this earth to come last behind your family, friends or career. That is simply NOT how it was EVER supposed to be. When you begin to create a loving, yet firm expectation around the kind of treatment you are worthy of, the world rises up to meet you.


EMPOWER starts Monday 6th December but you can get in early and unlock bonus savings of just $37/WEEK!!

Kylie is Australia's Emotional Eating Coach, creator of Ditch the Diet Bootcamp, host of the wildly popular Ditch the Diet Podcast, and renowned thought leader on emotional empowerment.


Kylie makes it her personal mission to empower women around the globe with her simple, yet effective strategies to end self-sabotage and create the personal transformation you've been dreaming of.

Are you ready to be empowered? Let's go, sis!