The fastest way to get results

What’s the fastest way to get results?

Should you do a detox? Hmmm.. maybe a cleanse? Or how about (God forbid) a juice fast?!

I used to do them.

I used them aaaaall the time.


To be skinny, duh!

And did it work?


If you consider starving yourself for weeks on end and bingeing like an Olympic athlete as soon as you “break your fast” a success.

Which I don’t.

Your body is not a machine.

You don’t need to strip it down and clean it out.

I’m pretty sure your body had its Job Description under control before you decided to add it to your list of “Things In My Life That I Absolutely MUST Control”


What if you just RELAX a little around food.

What if you just stopped trying to CONTROL every. tiny. portion. of your life.

What if you ate food you enjoyed, in an amount that made you feel good and you didn’t stuff your face with it because you know you can have it again if you REALLY want it?

What then?


Maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t NEED to do the DETOX, CLEANSE or FAST, because you’re not constantly jamming junk food down your throat each time you fail your fancy diet.


Isn’t it possible, don’t you think, that if you ate when you were hungry and DIDN’T eat when you weren’t, that you might actually… (queue horrified gasp)…



Because DESPITE what you believe, your body is NOT trying to make your life miserable.

It is NOT trying to sabotage your efforts.

And it does NOT need to go on a diet.

What it NEEDS is for you to STEP UP and ADMIT that what you are doing so far is not working.

What it NEEDS is for you to listen to it.

To pay some actual freakin ATTENTION to it.

And to REALISE that after all these years of dieting.

After all the suffering.

The detoxes.

The cleanses.

The fad diets and the (inevitable) binges.

You are, in fact, more miserable NOW with your body and your weight than you were BEFORE YOU STARTED.


And so here you are.


At the cross road.

Do you try something new or do you run back to the safety of a diet?

Do you STEP UP and STEP INTO what you know you DESERVE?

Or will you give those meal replacement shakes “one more try”?

Because there is a way out, you know…

There is.

But you have to BELIEVE it.

You have to WANT it.

And then…



Then, my lovely one, you need to take ACTION.


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