How To Get In Alignment

(and stop eating so much chocolate)


Women ask me all the time, “how do I get in alignment and stop eating so much chocolate?”

Well, maybe they don’t use those exact words, but you get the gist. It’s an alignment issue. Plain and simple. So, when it comes to dialling down the snacks, allow me to tell you a little story…

It’s no secret I like chocolate. Do I wish I liked it a little less? Uh, is Usher’s rendition of the alphabet one of the sexiest things you’ve ever seen? Hell yeah!

So finding a way to stay in alignment and be authentic while not hiding my food challenges from the people around me was a constant struggle… until now.

A little while back I decided no more hiding. No more pretending to be “Little Miss Perfect Pants”. I am what and who I am and… I’m totally fine with it!

Trying to be someone you don’t want to be leads to imposter syndrome. You don’t need to wear a mask. It only makes you look like a fake-ass Zoro and if you don’t have the whole Antonio Banderas thing going on, then it’s kind of a dumb look.

So the question now is… who do you want to be? Because you actually get to decide. You don’t have to go with the momentum you’ve created.  Just because the current is strong, does not mean you can’t switch streams. 

Do you want to be who you think you should be, who you actually are, or someone entirely new? Decide what it means to be in alignment and authentically you.

I’ve decided that being aligned with my authenticity, means I will accept the following things:

  1. Sometimes I like my body and sometimes I (kinda still) don’t
  2. If I overeat it’s natural to feel disappointed but it’s NOT natural to punish myself for it
  3. I still get mad when I feel full but there’s still food on my plate
  4. I tell people I love them even if it makes them uncomfortable
  5. If I ever meet the owner of the Cadbury’s empire, I will shamelessly flirt with him until I get free chocolate

For you to stay aligned with your authenticity, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What would my life look like if I was happy with my body?
  2. What would need to happen for me to accept the parts of my body that I cannot change?
  3. How can I allow myself to feel frustrated without turning to chocolate or chips? 
  4. If I ate the foods I loved, what would I choose to eat and how much?
  5. Who are the top 3 people I can count on in my life and how can I deepen that relationship (Hot Tip: one of them can be YOU)

So, please… for the love of all things chocolate coated, stop trying to be a carbon copy of someone else! And if you don’t like what I’m saying, that’s okay. You can stop reading now (I pinky promise I won’t stalk you or use my leprechaun powers of persuasion to lure you back) 

But if you DO like this, then do your thing and do it YOUR way (because really, what other way can you do it?)

What does it mean to be authentically YOU? Shout it out in the comments below!

Big love

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