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Today I decided to stop thinking about how I want my body to look.

The spooky part is, I didn’t CONSCIOUSLY realise I was doing it, but after thirty years of obsessing over it and fantasising over how great it will be when I’m all firm and toned, I guess it just became second nature.

You don’t hear me going on and on about how I feel about my body these days.

Mainly because now that I’m at my natural weight, I just don’t feel the NEED to talk about it as much, but the thoughts are still there… lingering. Maybe if I eat a little more of THIS or a little less of THAT, then my butt will be more Kardashian-esque and my life will be PEEERFECT.  

And even though I know that’s total nonsense, there’s still a part of me that wonders, is it? Is it really?

Because all the women I see with a killer booty seem pretty happy. Think, Kim, Beyoncè, heck, even Lady GaGa looks like she’s got it all goin’ on.

But here’s the rub…

Looks can be (very deceiving).

Just because someone paints a L’oreal smile on their face and glides through life in a pair Louis Vuitton’s does NOT mean they are happy.


Happiness, REAL HAPPINESS, comes from you staying MOTIVATED to achieve YOUR GOALS in the way YOU want to achieve them, in the time YOU want to achieve them in.


And THAT is about waaaay more than pushing yourself to a 4am gym session or drinking chalky tasting protein shakes.

 Reaching your goals takes DECISION.


And most of all, it takes MOTIVATION.

So what is motivation, anyway?

 Well I can tell you what it’s NOT.

It’s NOT a pump-you-up video or a feel-good song on YouTube.

It’s NOT a weight loss coach shouting slogans at you.

And it’s DEFINTELY not a new, fancy diet.



Plain and freaking simple.  


It’s a CHOICE you make every single day to step into your power and EXPAND your EXPERIENCE, even and ESPECIALLY when your mind is screaming “nooooo… just eat the doooonuuuut!!!!” 

If you want to see success in your body and your weight loss and your life, you simply will never do it without the right support system.

Bottom line.

Because most (okay, pretty much all of us) still believe that when we are “thin”, our lives will be perfect. Or at least if they aren’t perfect, we won’t care because we’re thin.


Don’t make me laugh!

You’ve BEEN thin before, am I right?

So if your life was so great, why are you back here… again?


Your success lies in WHO you choose to be just as much as WHAT you choose to do.


And that little nugget of information right there is the key to your success.

Sure, I made it to the top of the motivational mountain. But I’m also smart enough to know that if I don’t do what is required to STAY there, I’ll come rolling back down quicker than you can demolish a box of double choc coated Maltesers at the movies.

Success is not a given just because you “do the work”.

YOU have to BECOME the person who TAKES SUCCESS by the horns and DEMANDS more from yourself simply because you know you have it in you.

And how do you achieve this magical feat?


With a dose of SEXY MOTIVATION, that’s how!


Here’s the thing…

You know you CAN do this. But you aren’t.

You know you WANT to do this. But you’re limiting beliefs say “Not now. Later. Or better yet… never.”

FOCUS is everything.

Not caring about what everyone else thinks about you is CRUCIAL.




If you refuse to move past the RESISTANCE, PROCRASTINATION and SELF SABOTAGE, then you will NEVAH create the life and the body that you want.

Stepping up and taking control of your own life is the ONLY WAY to succeed.

If your motivation is here one day and gone the next and “sexy” is a word you would use to describe a chocolate pudding rather than yourself, THIS is what you’ve been searching for…

Introducing The Sexy Motivation Tribe!

Everything you need to stay Motivated, Dedicated & on Track to having a body & a life that is sexier than a hot fudge sundae!  

If you want to get motivated, look hot and reach your weight loss goals, you just need to watch a Tony Robbins video and never eat carbs again, right? 

Uh, no.

TRUE Motivation takes a little more than that.

The Sexy Motivation Tribe will provide you with the precise systems, strategies and process to breakup with emotional eating and overcome the mental challenges behind getting and staying motivated so you can FINALLY reach and STAY AT your natural body weight!


Sexy Motivation is for you if:

·              You’re ready to get motivated to eat right, instead of hoping like crazy you can resist eating the remains of last nights’ pizza for breakfast.

·              You want to effortlessly turn down chocolate and chips (Whhaa?! Yup. And not because the Hershey’s and Doritos factory went out of business either )

·              You know that your success lies in knowing HOW TO deal with the fear and resistance so you can start taking CONSISTENT action

·              Plus I’ll help you flick the switch on your Motivation Mindset and the Science of Sexy so that there is no cheesecake in the WORLD that can deter you from your goals


Sound good?

Wait, I haven’t even told you the BEST part yet…


Together we will be:

* Blasting Through Resistance, Procrastination & Self Sabotage

* Fast Tracking Your Success





There’s a ton of BONUSES for those who join the Sexy Motivation Tribe while the VIP offer is running.


·            INSTANT ACCESS to The Big Sugar Detox 21 Day online program.

The Big Kahuna of the sugar detoxing world

·            INSTANT ACCESS to 7 Day Kick Start online program

reset and re-boot your healthy eating, the 7 Day Kick Start program

·            INSTANT ACCESS to Dominating Your Life Podcast

I’m handing out every. last. secret. to stepping into your power and DOMINATING emotional eating

·            INSTANT ACCESS to The Essential Healthy Kitchen Guide

50 pages of my hottest tools, tips and tricks to create a no-brainer success system in your kitchen

·            INSTANT ACCESS to My Personal Success Toolbox

This is something I’ve NEVER offered before! The Toolbox is a selection of my HOTTEST Videos, Programs and Strategies specifically designed to set you up for EFFORTLESS TRANSFORMATION

·            INSTANT ACCESS to Live Monthly Masterclasses

I’m throwing in 12 Months of Masterclasses to keep your motivation mojo at an all time high!


These programs ALONE are worth an absolute bundle!


Well, let’s see…

How does $19 per month sound?

CRAZY, you say?! I know, because it is!!

But THAT’S the deal until I change my mind (which knowing me, could be anytime hahaa!) at which point the price will magically switch back to it’s full price.

And once those bonuses are gone.. they are GONE, so if you’re ready to get your Sexy Motivation on, you WILL need to act NOW.

CLICK HERE to join the Sexy Motivation Tribe

Get a jump start and make an IMPACT on your 2017 weight loss, mindset and motivational goals, NOW!

Seriously, click here or cry forever.   


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