Are You Hiding Behind Your Weight?

Are You Hiding Behind Your Weight?




For most of my life, I was hiding.

As a child I hid behind my mother’s skirt because I was shy. As a teen I hid behind trying to please everybody because I felt insecure. And as an adult, I hid behind denial.

Denial that I was making irresponsible food choices.

Denial that I had the power to change it but chose not to.

Denial that shoving food in my mouth in a junk food frenzy could be considered akin to an eating disorder.

Well, that’s what Dr Phil would say. Personally, I think I just really liked the taste of Krispy Kreme’s. And chocolate tart, lemon pie and fried, well… anything.


Yup, I was a junk food junkie. I didn’t WANT to be that way, but all that sugary, salty, snaky stuff was just so darn TASTY!


I loved the sweet, silky comfort of chocolate when I was feeling down. I revelled in the fatty, salty crunch of potato chips when I was watching TV. Food was my comfort, my joy, my friend. So, why was I so desperately unhappy?

The irony was I had always had a desire to be super healthy. I worked in health food stores from the age of 19, hoping against hope that simply standing next to the bins of dried carrot shavings would help me shed the pounds. But alas, it was not to be.

As my weight continued to escalated, I finally realised that the only person who could change my life was ME (who’d have thunk it, right?) Was it easy? Nope. Was it quick? Painless? Not so much. But, was it worth it? Oh yeah!


There are many days when I still struggle with junk food cravings. The difference is that NOW is that I crave organic goji berries covered in dark chocolate rather than M&M’s, so progress has been made!


So, my question to you is… are you making excuses for your weight? Are you tired of wrestling with your waist band every time you sit in a chair?

The media will tell you that unless you are genetically gifted, you need to work a whole lot harder to be accepted in this world.



What if you simply decided that you are worthy of your own love and kindness right now?


What if you stopped trying to conform to the unconformable and accepted yourself exactly as you are, ON THE WAY to where you’re going?

Just think of the possibilities! No more hateful stares as we ruthlessly critique our own reflection in the mirror. No more putting ourselves down, tearing ourselves apart or loathing our precious bodies.

If women everywhere united, even if only for the time it takes to read this post, and decided that just for now we won’t hate ourselves anymore, how much happier would we all be?

I think it’s worth a try, don’t you?


I’ve decided that overcoming emotional eating is a process. Some days you nail it and others… not so much. But it’s okay, because I don’t have to hide anymore.


This is who I am, in all my glory. And all of it is just fine with me.

Sending you chocolate coated smooches!

P.S. Are you hiding behind your weight?

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Do you hide from your real life behind a bunch of crazy excuses? Shout it out in the comments below and let’s ditch the excuses together 😉


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