Free yourself from self-judgement, activate your inner strength & show up like the fit, healthy & HOT woman you are in 2022

Imagine if it could be easy.
Imagine if you could breeze through this Holiday Season with confidence, self-assurance and best of all... self-control!

Guess what, honeys? You CAN!

I'm handing over the keys to an entire resource library of LIFE CHANGING content to help you move past overwhelm this holiday season and welcome an EMPOWERED YOU into the NEW YEAR!

Over 15 exclusive video and audio trainings, I'm going to share with you my EXACT formula for unstoppable focus, energy and motivation so that there is not an ice cream flavour in the WORLD that can tempt you away from your goals!

If you’re finally ready to live a life free of out of control bingeing and food obsession, then this is for YOU! I'm handing out every last secret to stepping into your power and DOMINATING emotional eating.

This is Bigger than BIG!

The Holiday Bundle is packed with delicious tips to help you overcome perfectionism, trust yourself around food, move past the fear of judgment, make empowering choices that STICK and SO MUCH MORE!

This is the perfect way to show your body that staying (or getting) on track to your goals does not mean you need to wave β€œbuh bye” to all the foods you love.

But also...

Imagine moving through the holidays without gaining weight and maybe even *gasp* LOSE WEIGHT! Wouldn't it feel good to start your New Year from a place of strength and power, rather than feeling heavy, overweight and overwhelmed?

What if staying as you are now ends up being more painful than just doing the damn thing?

- Kylie Pax

Either you do the thing now...

Or you admit that you came here to live a life of bullsh*t. There is no in-between.

Here's What's Inside...

πŸ’› Busting Through Self Doubt to Create New Habits That Stick! (value $299)

πŸ’› Discover Your Unique Eating Personality & Learn How to Make It Work For You(value $299)

πŸ’› The Ultimate Goals Setting Exercise for 2022 (value $299)

πŸ’› Why You Keep Getting Stuck & How to Stop That Sh*t Immediately! (value $299)

πŸ’› Rewrite Your Habits Meditation (value $99)

πŸ’› Meditation For Unstoppable Self Love (value $199)

πŸ’› Letting Go Of The Past Meditation (value $99)

πŸ’› How To Collapse Time & Get What You Want Faster! ($399)

πŸ’› How To Move Into The New Year With Power (value $49)

πŸ’› How To Stop Caring What Other People Think (value $199)

πŸ’› How To Stop Falling Off The Wagon (value $199)

πŸ’› Stop Obsessing Over Sweets (value $49)

πŸ’› Figuring Out What, When & How Much to Eat (value $199)


πŸ’– How To Stop Self Sabotage In Its Tracks (value $199)

πŸ’– Program Your Mindset For Automated Success (value $299)

πŸ’– Tapping In To Your Next Level You (value $299)

πŸ’– The Secret To Ending Self Sabotage (value $199)

πŸ’– Why Your Thoughts Keep Tripping You Up ($299)

That's over 10 hours of life-changing audio & video content.

Total value $3,982


β€’ is between 9 and 90 mins long (the average play time is approx 45 mins)

β€’ contains practical action steps and tested strategies that you can apply immediately for fast results

β€’ includes the practical tools and strategies that I use moving through the holiday season and into the New Year

β€’ shows you my unique process for overcoming FOMO so I can take control of my decisions not only during the Holidays, but every day


The Holiday Bundle is a digital product. You will receive an email with a link to access the trainings right after purchase. All trainings are lifetime access.

Here's What You Can Expect...

How does a whole bunch of confidence, freedom and weight off your shoulders (and body) sound?

Pretty good? Yeah, I thought so.


β€’ Physical Energy (yup, releasing the constant push and getting your ass in alignment will do that for you)

β€’ Clarity around who you know you’re meant to be and what you are here to do in the world (because you're definitely not here to struggle)

β€’ An EXPLOSION of Confidence! I'm talking creating some much-needed boundaries that support your desires, rather than sabotaging them so you can move through your day with a sense of empowerment because the rules were created by you!

β€’ Push past your comfort zone with ease because honey, you were not born to be fenced in!

β€’ Knowing to your core that you are worthy of every last thing that you desire.

β€’ What to do when it feels like nothing is working.

β€’ Access your natural motivation and discipline regardless of how you are feeling at the time.

β€’ Leave the BS excuses behind and step into the New Year with confidence, ease and joy because you KNOW you finally have control over your food choices, your body and your life!


The Holiday Bundle is a digital product. You will receive an email with a link to access the trainings right after purchase. All trainings are lifetime access.

Kylie is Australia's Emotional Eating Coach, creator of Ditch the Diet Bootcamp, host of the wildly popular Ditch the Diet Podcast, and renowned thought leader on emotional empowerment.


Kylie makes it her personal mission to empower women around the globe with her simple, yet effective strategies to end self-sabotage and create the personal transformation you've been dreaming of.

Are you ready to be empowered? Let's go, sis!