How to be Brilliant & Beautiful

How to be Brilliant & Beautiful?

It’s not about becoming someone else.

It was NEVER about becoming someone else.

It always WAS and only ever WILL BE, about stepping into the TRUTH of who you are.

So who are you?

Well, I can tell you who you are NOT…
You are NOT timid.

You are NOT shy.

You are NOT a person who stuffs Guinness World Book of Records quantities of chocolate down your throat every night because you’re bored, sad, mad or glad.

You are NOT hopeless.

You are NOT stuck.

What you ARE is a person who got so distracted searching for your happiness inside the wrapper of a chocolate bar, that you inadvertently created your own hell.

But you can let that go now.

You don’t need it anymore.

Because, let’s be honest… it never REALLY felt right, did it?
The bingeing.

The disappointment.

The big build up to your next “sure thing” diet.


It was all just a ruse.

A carefully orchestrated one, yes. But still, a ruse nonetheless.

From what, you ask?

The truth.

The truth of who you ARE.

So who ARE you?

Who you ARE is a person who was so afraid of their own light, they would rather suffocate it with ice cream than let it shine.

Who you ARE is brilliant.

Who you ARE is talented.

Who you ARE is beautiful beyond all worldly measure of beauty, and that… that?

That’s a little scary to admit, don’t you think?

Yes. Much better to stuff it down with pizza.

Drink it away with wine.

Dessert? Oh! Yes please! Whatever it takes to quiet your mind so you no longer have to pay attention to the voice that tells you, you ARE smart enough.

You ARE pretty enough.

And you CAN do the thing you’ve always longed to do.

If you would just TRUST in yourself and your ability to figure things out.

Everything is always working in your favour.

Trust in the process.

You’re going to be okay.

Sending chocolate coated love,

Kylie xx

P.S. If your life, body and relationship with food is sometimes in control (but mostly not) and kinda, sorta moving in the right direction (but mostly not) and you’re so DONE with feeling guilty and stressed over every tiny morsel of food that passes your lips then Hola! We’re about to become BFF’s.

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