Everybody’s looking for the secret to massive weight loss success





I mean, it must be out there right?

It must be possible.

There must be a way to eat pizza and ice cream at night and look like Miranda Kerr during the day.


Sure, I’ll throw the odd lettuce leaf into the mix from time to time, but essentially I just want to eat what I want and never suffer the consequences.

Isn’t there a way to make that happen?


Allow me to get in your face here for a bit… GET REAL!


Not only is that completely unrealistic, would you REALLY even want to be that kind of woman?


The kind of woman who pays no regard to their personal wellbeing?

The kind of woman who eats food that they KNOW darn well is not doing them any favours but they just don’t care?

The kind of woman who puts their instant gratification above their future? Feeling good in their body? Feeling good about themselves?

No. That’s not who you are.

And what makes me so sure?

Because if you’re reading this, then I already know you’re the kind of woman who wants MORE from your life than a cheap chocolate coated thrill. You want the secret to MASSIVE success, both in the weight loss arena AND in your life.


Well alright then. You asked, so here it is.


How to set up a daily routine for massive success in just two simple steps…


Do the basics and Be consistent

Eat food that makes you feel good about yourself and move your booty everyday. Especially when you don’t want to.



1. You need to do the basics.

What are the basics?

EAT food that makes you feel good in your body and about your self and MOVE your body each day.

Honey, I would loooove to tell you that I’ve discovered a magic pill, anointed by the weight loss god’s and coming soon to a store near you. But I haven’t. Because it doesn’t exist.

That magic pill you’ve been trying to find inside the Hershey’s wrapper? it’s not there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t kiss a sweet “bye bye” to emotional eating and blitz your goals…

But you neeeeed to take care of yourself. If you don’t, who will?

Ditch the negative people who tell you it can’t be done. Get around some positive people who share your vision for a better life. One where you don’t feel compelled to eat every last square of chocolate just so that it won’t be there tomorrow when you “start again”.

Listen, honey… eventually you WILL run out of tomorrows so why not dig your heels in and COMMIT TODAY to living a life free of emotional eating and diet drama.


Which leads me to the second part of your daily routine for massive success …



2. You don’t need motivation. You need consistency.

Stopping and starting will never get you from the place you are now to where you want to be. N.E.V.E.R.

All that does is create a huge-ass distraction to keep you from ever reaching your goals.

But the worst part?

The worst part is that you FOOL YOURSELF into THINKING that you really are doing something, because after all, you tried this week, but Jane’s birthday cake just got in the way and the kids wanted to eat McDonalds and you don’t expect me to sit there and not at least try the french fries because maybe they taste different from when I ate them last week and I was kind of hungry anyway. Besides…, I’ll just start again on Monday.


Listen, it’s not hard. It’s not difficult. But if you want something you’ve never had, you need to become someone you’ve never been.

You want a routine for MASSIVE success?


Do what you know you need to do, when you need to do it and don’t let ANYONE distract you from your goals.

Not you.

Not your BFF.

And especially not Mr Snickers, Ms M&M or any of their cousins, Krispy, Kreme and Pringles.


Stay focused and don’t lose sight of your vision.


Others may not see it. That’s ok. It’s not their vision, it’s YOURS and only YOU can bring it to life.


Of course, if you’re really SERIOUS about kicking emotional eating in it’s boney ol’ behind, then join me for the next round of Ditch the Diet Online Bootcamp!


Sugar was the NUMBER ONE thing that sucked me in time and time again when I was dealing with emotional eating. If there was a sugar donut or block of chocolate within a five-mile radius, you could bet your last serve of chili fries, you’d find me there!


Ditch the Diet Online Bootcamp is a 6 week extravaganza of sugar free festivities!

You have over 100 delicious recipes, videos, podcasts, eBooks, LIVE WEEKLY MASTERCLASSES, tips, tricks and sooo many sugar-free surprises you’ll be breaking up with that block of Cadbury’s in no time!

PLUS there’s an entire private Facebook group where you and I will hang out, drink green juice, and create a plan to help you ditch those cravings for life!


I love you, you know that, but if no one tells you the truth, then nothing will change. If your life and your body is not where you want it to be right now, then the only person you can point the finger at is YOU!


So what’s it going to be? Another year of “I’ll start again next Monday?” or will you take the leap and COMMIT to becoming the woman you were born to be?


CLICK HERE to find out more…


Here’s to Ditching the Diet!

kylie pax






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  1. Consistency, that is EXACTLY it! Too often Id be ‘good’ for a week but then as life would have it, an occasion would pop up which would then be the end of me. It really is easier to stay consistent than fall off and have to start all over again. xxx

    1. Hey Buffy! Y.E.S!

      Life will aaaalways throw an office party, birthday cake, anniversary, Christmas celebration or weekend away in our face, and so often we think that will “ruin” our hard work so we ditch the diet (and not in a good way) and tell ourselves we’ll start again “tomorrow” 🙁

      Of course when tomorrow arrives we’re just as hungry as ever and then the neighbour kindly delivers a batch of fresh baked scones left over from their children’s school fete haha! (true story)

      Consistency is ABSOLUTELY the key to success. A slice of cake here or there is nothing when the remainder of your eating is on point.

      Don’t you love those “ah-ha” moments! 🙂

  2. Hi Kylie! I keep clicking on The Big Sugar Detox link but it takes me to a dead page. Do you still offer that program? I thought maybe you just renamed it.

    I am LOVING your vblog posts!!! I’ve been “binge” watching/reading for the last 3 hours. You speak to my heart – I’ve found such comfort in your words and feel a little less alone. Today was the first day in a while that I didn’t make a special trip to the store to buy bags of candy that I would then binge eat in hiding. In my car. So sad!! My addiction to sugar is so real 🙁

    Thanks for doing what you do xo

    1. Hi Stef!
      Oh you are just the SWEETEST!! (hmmm… no pun intended hahaa!) Thank you so much for your kind words! And belieeeeve me, I hear you with the whole eating candy in secret thing because I lived that way for so many years The Big Sugar Detox is not running right now (sob) becauuuuse (wait for it…) Ditch the Diet Online Bootcamp is starting in just over 2 WEEKS!! Ditch the Diet is like The Big Sugar Detox on steroids. It has everything you need to break up with not only sugar, but emotional eating for good! You can check it out here https://kyliepax.com/bootcamp/ and THANK YOU for your comment about the vlogs! I’ve also started doing daily Live Streams on Facebook full of hot tips and tricks to beat the binge so you can always catch me over there as well Just be sure to hover over the “Like” button and click “see first” so you see them each day in your News Feed https://www.facebook.com/KyliePaxPage/
      You are amazing, hun. And you can ABSOLUTELY overcome emotional eating. You’ve got what it takes ❤️

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