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I Still Binge


The weirdest thing happens when you become an adult…

One minute you’re a care-free teen, watching movies, kissing boys and eating way too much fried food; to being an adult. That’s it. No more fun for you. No more movies (you have to be sensible with your money, you know). No more kissing boys (thanks Tinder). And God forbid you should eat a french fry! What kind of an animal are you? Don’t you know your booty has to be Instagram worthy?!!

Perhaps the planets are in retrograde, or maybe I drank too much Gatorade, but either way my relationship with food is still far from picture perfect.

I know how I would like it to be, but sometimes I just can’t find the mojo to make it happen and until Siri can can locate my mojo, I eat chocolate. And I used to feel bad about it. But I don’t anymore, and here’s why…

Somewhere between packing kids school lunches, driving to the office, squeezing in a quick workout between meetings, checking emails, posting on Facebook and (God help you) trying to remember to put on deodorant,  there’s actual stuff you’re supposed to pay attention to… like you.

How you feel. What you like and what you don’t. What makes you happy. And (queue horrified gasp) how to make it through your day without a bucket of KFC in each hand.

If you’re already wanting to wind the clock back on 2018, or your mojo is lost under a mountain of chocolate éclairs then dry those eyes because I’m about to share with you the truth of the emotional eating life AND how you can find your mojo again so you can shake 2018 like a polaroid picture.

[bctt tweet=”Don’t run from your feelings. When you cut them off, you cut off a part of yourself and nobody likes half a person. ” username=”KyliePax”]

 Tip 1  You’re not a squirrel. Don’t hide yourself away.

Use any and all resources available to you for support. No one, I repeat, NO ONE is rocking their life with such precision that they don’t need support. We aaaall need support. In fact, thinking you can do this alone is more crazy than a PB and J without the “P”. Ending the battle with your body and food is certainly not a piece of cake (unless you’re eating cake right now. Then it totally is) and thinking that no one understands you or that you’re the only person who feels this way is not only total BS, it’s also the numero uno thing that keeps you stuck in isolation, disappointment and shame. You are never alone. You have a sisterhood of women right here who are supporting each other. Post below. Join me on Instagram and Facebook. Alone we are, well… lonely, but together we are a mighty powerful (not to mention, sexy-ass) bunch!

Tip 2  Stop having one-night-stands with pizza.This is not an overnight gig.

Learning how to face your challenges without a chocolate bar in each hand can take months or even years. Why? Because however long it however long it took to dig your way into the hole might just be how long it will take to climb out, but eventually it will fall into place for you.
Your life is not about reaching the finish line without a scuffle, trip or fall. It’s is about uncovering the beliefs that bring you the deepest joy as well as the ones that keep you stuck and until you stop using food to bury those beliefs, you will never know what they are.

Tip 3 Chocolate won’t make it better. 

Lean into your feelings instead of trying to get away from them. They are a part of you that needs to be felt. When you cut them off, you cut off a part of yourself and nobody likes half a person. When you stop eating for reasons outside of physical hunger, all the things you’ve been using food to escape from will come to the surface. It’s okay. You can handle it. DON’T hide yourself away. DON’T withdraw from your own life. But DO step up and decide that you deserve more in 2018 than ever before.

So, how is your relationship with your body and food going so far in 2018? If you’re with me, shout it out in the comments below and join me on Facebook and Instagram for group accountability, love and support.

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Oodles of love!

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Doing and saying what everyone else expects of you? Check, check and double check. 

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