Fkn nothing. Why? Because you need to take ACTION as well, sis!

Here are six reasons why you’re not losing weight yet...🤌🏻⁠

🌼 You still haven’t gone all-in. After all, it probably won’t work anyway so why bother? *eye roll*🙄⁠ E.g. One day you’re hitting the gym and munching on lettuce leaves and the next you’re doing a Macca’s run for every meal.⁠

🌸 You don’t actually *do* anything to prove to yourself that you’re serious about this. You dream of losing weight but you don’t take COMMITTED action (refer to point 1.)⁠ E.g. You think about weight loss. You talk about weight loss. But you don’t actually *do* the weight loss.⁠

🌼 You bargain with yourself that if you’re “good” all week, you can run wild on the weekend🥂🍕⁠ E.g. You torture yourself with salad Mon - Fri and then eat ten billion cals over the weekend. Not a good look, honey🙅🏼‍♀️⁠

🌸 You’ve done this many times before and you’re basically just tired😩 You know it’s gonna take some work but you’re still tryna figure of if you’ve got it in you to give this weight loss thing one more go.⁠

🌼 You do it when you FEEL like it and you don’t do it when you don’t. This usually equals an upward trend in your weight over time. You’re welcome.⁠

🌸 You procrastinate and delay actually STARTING. Which means you keep gaining weight in the meantime. Which kinda sucks😤⁠

I broke down my results into an easy-step formula that anyone can follow. If you want immediate access to the formula, just hit this link & I’ll send it over

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