Don’t tell me you haven’t fantasised about chocolate that makes you skinny… 




Because I haven’t (well, at least not in the last ten minutes, anyway)

Things are changing here at Ditch the Diet HQ and I’m gearing up to solve your biggest, most bad-ass problems when it comes to:

Emotional eating

Binge eating

Over eating

Under eating

Yo-yo dieting and

How you can stand next to a plate of choc chunk cookies and not have indecent thoughts (oops! did I say that out loud? I meant to say, how you can beat the binge and FINALLY get a body that you LOVE!)  😉


So to get the chocolate covered fruit ball rolling, I want YOU to fire away with your questions!



Got a burning question?

That’s a fire hazard, you know…



Simply pop your most frustrating emotional eating questions in the comment box below!


I’m solving your biggest problems and answering all your burning Q’s over the coming weeks so stay tuned…


Here’s to Ditching the Diet!

kylie pax






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  1. So I just got thru listening to The Pain and Pleasure Principle (was so sad when you got emotional) and I have a pretty heavy question for you. From my childhood I have had trauma associated with food. My mum and dad were alcoholics and food was used by them in unhealthy ways to punish, show affection, etc. I developed anxiety when it comes to food which has been with me to this day. Do you have experience with anyone with similar issues? Do you think I can do these codes successfully without other forms of treatment like therapy or meds?

    1. This is a FANTASTIC Q, lovely!
      We all use food to some degree because, well… it’s just so yummy. But if food has become a source of love and acceptance when you had nothing else you could trust or rely on in your life, it’s hard to see a way out.
      I’ll be sure to answer this in an upcoming episode of DTD TV 😉 xx

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