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Are you ready to live your life without Fear, Shame or Apology?


‘Bout time, don’t you think?

If you missed the Livestream below, throw your name in the comments box and I’ll FedEx you a box of tissues because THAT’S what you’re gonna need to recover when you find out that you missed THE MOST AWESOME LIVESTREAM EVER!!!!!!

Here’s what you need to know…


If you think I ride around on unicorns and Disney characters lull me to sleep at night, you are SADLY MISTAKEN.


I suffer DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, FEAR and DOUBT in REAL TIME just like YOU (dramatic examples included in Livestream)


Most importantly… I am changing the lives of over ONE MILLION WOMEN AND CHILDREN over the next few years. if you’re not FOR ME, you’re AGAINST ME and YOU need to decide which one it is.



I’ve created a FREE INITIATIVE.

A way for women to live their best lives. I’m so DONE with women feeling like garbage over their bodies, their skin, their self worth… you get the gist.

It’s called EmpowerME and you can join us here 

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EmpowerME is ONLY for you if:

  • You are ready to be yourself without FEAR, SHAME or APOLOGY
  • You are ready to unite with YOURSELF and OTHER WOMEN to create movement that will change the world
  • You are ready to join me as I impact and Empower ONE MILLION women and children to step out of the shadows of their fears and self doubt and live the life they KNOW they deserve!
  • You are ready to receive exclusive offers on programs and products to Empower you to live your best life

This is simply for you if you are ready to say YES to spreading the EmpowerME message and have free unlimited access to a squirrel load of cool offers on products & programs, ranging from self love & weight loss to fashion & beauty advice.

You Will Receive

  • Exclusive discounts, freebies and access programs and products that will Empower and inspire you to live your very best life (direct from EmpowerME HQ to your inbox)

The FREE EmpowerME movement is here to connect you with likeminded women around the globe and support each other to be our best selves, so that we can create a ripple effect that touches the corners of the globe!

P.S. I’ll also send you a FREE COPY of my Ditch the Diet Recipe Guide to get your Empowerment journey underway!

Join the movement HERE.


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