LET GO of the safety net and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

LET GO of the safety net and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!


If you think for ONE MINUTE that Tinkerbell is going to flit into your life, sprinkle her magic fairy dust around the place and make your relationship with food better…

You be TRIPPIN!😳

Firstly, because, well… she’s NOT REAL.
And secondly, because the only person with the power to change your life is YOU.

It’s not up to chocolate to make you happy (sniff, sniff… sad but true)
It’s not up to your lover, partner, or any “thing” else to make you happy.

No. (here it comes…)

The Tinkerbell you’ve been waiting for is YOU.
You’ve been holding the magic the whole time.

So are you ready to step out from behind that pizza box and use it now? 

Registration is open for the Transformation & Personal Power 4 Day Lockdown Experience, right here on the Gold Coast in sunny Australia
(Uh.. can we all just pause for a moment to absorb the life changing HUUUGENESS of this?!!)

The Transformation & Personal Power 4 Day Lockdown Experience is all about TOTAL IMMERSION.

96 HOURS of non-stop breakthrough, mind-shifts and complete and total TRANSFORMATION.

We will be spending 4 ENTIRE DAYS eliminating the BS stories you’ve been telling yourself about why you “just can’t get it together around food right now”… “possibly later”… but more realistically, NEVER.

We will be:

* Eating EVERY meal together.

* UNCOVERING and DEALING WITH any resistance patterns.

* Using NLP to find out exactly what is HOLDING YOU BACK, CLEAR your FOCUS and eliminate the SELF SABOTAGE FOREVER.

* Unravelling the SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS that keep you crawling back to the kitchen night after night.

* Create a RENEWED VISION ACTION PLAN so that you can easily get and STAY in alignment with your weight loss AND your life goals.

This is not just a light and fluffy poolside holiday.

This is about BLASTING PAST FEAR and getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on exactly what YOU need to do to succeed, WHERE that success is going to come from and HOW to make it work.

PLACES ARE LIMITED so if one of them has your name on it, Here’s What To Do Next…

Message me for full details and we can go over your questions, the specific results you’re looking for and of course, how much I adore you (but you probably already know that part lol!)

Sending you chocolate coated hugs

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