Is Liposuction Right For You?


I read this quote in an Oprah magazine years ago that described the struggle I was facing with the raucous voice in my head. It’s the voice that hurls abuse at you all day long, reminding you what a loser you are. Oh, you have that voice in your head too? Why am I not surprised…

The quote stated:

“It used to be that people competed laterally – we tried to be as good as the people down the block. Now we’re competing vertically, trying to be as gorgeous as airbrushed models and celebrities with personal trainers and chefs”.

– Oprah Magazine


This was the quote that changed my life.

The message all around us is that if we don’t look like an Instagram model, then not only are we invisible, but we should probably stop taking up room on the planet to make way for the more beautiful people.

How can you catch up with an unobtainable and constantly changing image of perfection? You can’t. It will forever be just out of reach.

Several years ago I became so chronically desperate to change my body shape that I decided to get liposuction. Yup. Fat sucked from the booty.

It was painful. It was scary. And what’s worse; it didn’t work.

My shape changed a little, but my butt was still ginormous (that’s the technical term for “huge-assery”)

Did I chalk it up to experience? Did I sit back and say “Oh well, I guess that’s a sign to leave well enough alone”? No way! I did it AGAIN!

Same surgeon. Same humiliating, terrifying experience. And although this time I did see measurably better results, I still wasn’t happy.

Why? Wasn’t this everything I had ever dreamed of?

I considered going all the way and getting some kind of extreme makeover, but honestly, would that be enough?

Would that be enough to make people’s heads turn as I walk down the street and say “Wow! She’s perfect!” And even if they did, how long before I found the NEXT thing that needed to be changed?

If you want to love yourself when you reach your natural weight, the excruciatingly annoying truth is you will need to love yourself now. As you are. Muffin top and all.

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But, how exactly do you do that?

Well, I tried many things. Some were successful and others, not so much. Liposuction was the latter. So how do you know if liposuction is right for you? Here is five things to consider before you take the leap…

1. It’s Not A Quick Fix

It’s easy to fall victim to the old “I’ll enjoy life when…” syndrome, but the truth is there is only now and if you can’t be happy now, then you probably won’t be happy then either. Liposuction is a big investment. Not just financially but emotionally and mentally as well and you will need to allow for an extensive recovery time (sexy compression bandages included).


2. Do Your Research 

When it comes to any kind of cosmetic surgery, referrals are everything. I made the huge-ass mistake (pun totally intended) of going to the first clinic I saw. I didn’t do a ton of research (rookie mistake  #1), nor did I know anyone who had had any work done by the surgeon (rookie mistake #2). I was green and the results showed. If it’s at all possible, see a qualified plastic surgeon rather than a cosmetic surgeon (my surgeon was a cosmetic surgeon). Plastic surgeons generally have a greater level of skill and training (trust me, your booty, belly and thighs will thank you for it). In Australia, you can find out more from the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

3. Get Naked

It’s time to get real… How would your body look if you were ten or fifteen kilos lighter? How would you feel? Get clear on exactly how you want your body and your life to be before you take the leap. A new body isn’t going to change your life but it can help you live a better quality of life. Cut pictures from magazines and show them to your surgeon. Find someone who will be honest with you. Ask what kind of results you can expect in the BEST and WORST case scenario. Look at the coin from all angles, not just the shiny side.

4. Fat DOES Grow Back

Now for the not so sexy truth… while liposuction itself is permanent, the weight loss is not. My body is predisposed to carrying weight on my lower body, namely, my booty and legs. When I had the surgery, the doctor removed my saddle bags and while they have permanently gone, my tendency to carry weight on my lower body had not. This means that when I gain weight now, it goes directly to the FRONT and BACK of my legs, rather than the SIDE. Same problem. Different location. Be aware of this going in. Lipo is not a lifetime fix.

5. The Bottom Line

If there’s one thing that is becoming increasingly obvious to me now that I’m in my mid 40’s, it’s no matter how good or blah you look, there will always be something you would like to change about yourself. Sometimes this is a good thing and it motivates you to grow, while other times it just taunts you. Does this mean you should stop trying? No, I don’t believe it does. But if your “trying” is coming from a place of self-loathing, then you’re fighting a losing battle.

One thing I know for sure is that there’s more to you than perkier boobs or a stomach that is flatter than a slice of salami. And once you really start to believe that, all the rest is not quite as important.

Now, I’d loooove to hear from you! How much of your life have you WASTED obsessing over the size of your thighs? Join the other sisters in the conversation below and remember, let’s support each other!

Oodles of chocolate coated love!


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