To end the battle with your body and food you need 3 things: 

Master your negative thoughts, a strategy that works with your real life, and consistent daily action. 

After all, you've tried everything else. So, why not try want actually works?

Hey, sexy thang! I'm Kylie Pax - Australia's Emotional Eating Coach and your new guru of Sexy Transformation. 

If your life, body and relationship with food is sometimes in control (but mostly not) and kinda, sorta moving in the right direction (but mostly not) and you're so done with feeling guilty and stressed over every tiny morsel of food that passes your lips then keep scrolling...

This is for YOU.

So, how did I end the battle with my body and food? Let me start by telling you how I didn't do it...

I didn't do it with cleanses, pills or meal replacement shakes that taste like a teenage boys sweat socks. Nor did I do it by counting calories, points or macro'sI did it by giving up.

Say wha?

That's right... Giving. Up.

Now, unless the shock of that last sentence has burned your corneas, allow me to explain...

I gave up doing the stuff that wasn't working.

Make new diet plan

Ensure new diet plan is endorsed by Instagram celebrity

Throw junk food in trash night before said diet

Retrieve junk food from trash following day and eat it

Promise yourself tomorrow will be different

Rinse and repeat

I spent 30 years trying to stop my diet, binge, new diet cycle (insert mass chocolate consumption, shame and feeling like a failure here) 

But no matter what I did, my own self-sabotaging thoughts always wrecked me.

Why? Because I didn't have a systemised blueprint showing me exactly how to stop the emotional eating, handle my stressed out cravings and master that self-sabotaging voice in my head.

But I do now (see my cheeky wink?) 

With all the diets you've tried, you should have the body of a Victoria's Secret Angel by now.

You should feel happy. You should feel relaxed around food. Surely you shouldn't still be struggling with this?

Every Monday, you start a new diet.

But by Monday night, you're eating frosting in a can and PROMISING yourself you'll "do better tomorrow".

You scroll through social media in search of "fitspiration", but you only end up feeling WORSE about yourself.

And when you finally DO feel motivated to change, the feeling  vanishes quicker than chocolate cake at a Weight Watchers meeting.

But there's a secret to all this.

A secret nobody has shared with you before...

Just because something is "normal", doesn't mean it's normal for you.

Here in Sexy Motivation, I show you exactly how to master that negative voice in your head (you know the one? It's the voice that tells you to eat the cake because you "deserve" it and then berates you for being such a fat ass loser with no self control, am I right?) and end the battle with your body and food, for life.

You get instant access to my most intimate online mentoring program yet, PLUS an entire resource library of incredible bonus support programs to elevate your progress and keep you on track PLUS access to the most compassionate and uplifting community of sisters this side of your Dominos pizza box.

All this and more is yours for less than the price of a Macca's meal per week.

Here's the problem...

The problem is that right now, you feel like a fraud.

From the outside looking in, everyone thinks you've got it all together.

Watching your weight? Check. Tracking your calories? Check. Doing and saying what everyone else expects of you? Check, check and double check. 

So, why do you feel like you're dying inside?

Because, honey... right now everyone in your life is happy but you!

You know you should try harder. Heck! You know you could try harder. But just the thought of exerting more energy makes you want to poke your eyes out with the chop sticks from last night's take out.

Maybe later, when your schedule isn't so busy. Or when your job calms down. Or when the fairies of Narnia come and make your life easier because Lord knows, how can anyone be expected to stay motivated and at the top of their game all the time?!!

But here's the truth... the problem is not your schedule. The problem is not even the non-existent fairies.

The problem is that right now, chocolate has a wi-fi connection to your brain and you don't know how to unplug the connection.

So you diet and you binge and after all that effort, you're still holding onto the same 10, 15 or 20 kilos as you were last year!

And the worstest part? (yes, it does get worse than my extremely lax english)

The answer has been staring you in the face the whole time

You're not lazy. You're not out of control around food. The problem is that you are having trouble taking consistent action. 

I get it. I really do. I've been in your shoes so many times I've worn holes in the carpet. But eventually... EVENTUALLY you will have to decide exactly what it is that you want? Do you want another round of lose 5 kilos and gain back 15? Because if you do, Sexy Transformation is going to be massively disappointing. 

This is perfect for you if...

Well, let's see...

Do you ENJOY feeling like a failure every time you lose 5 kilos and gain back 15?


Why am I not surprised.

  • If you find yourself stuffing down ice cream so you don't have to think about how much pizza you just ate, or
  • You can’t you can't remember the last time you actually sat down to a meal without stressing about the fat, carbs, calorie content, or
  • The last time you successfully ended your day without eating "bad" food was 1998, or
  • Your own life is passing you by because you feel like you can't enjoy it because of your weight, or
  • You stress when you get invited out and immediately start calculating how much weight you can lose between now and when you have to attend the event, or
  • You know what you what to do but no matter how much you promise yourself that this time will be different, you disappoint yourself time and time again...

Then yeah, this is for you.


What you need is not more information. What you need is someone to show you how to take consistent action to create sustainable change in your life.

I've lost over 50lbs / 23kg!! 

I am now loving myself  and notice every day that I am growing and transforming both mentally and physically which is super exciting! Thank you! 

Alison Po

Get Immediate Access To...

Sexy Motivation
  • 12 weeks of on-demand video and audio mentoring with me
  • No more fluff. Just practical solutions to the everyday emotional challenges we all face 
  • My personal never before shared secrets for silencing the voice of self sabotage 
  • Transformational tools to jump start your success and see rapid results 
  • Accountability, Strategy and Support 
  • How to take consistent daily action towards kissing those midnight booty calls with Dominos Pizza goodbye and reclaiming your power over food, your body, and your life (in record time) 
  • Learn how to re-write your DNA so that sexy is no longer something you're trying to get. It effortlessly becomes part of who you are. 
  • The 10 second secret to getting you in alignment with your goals so you can rapidly accelerate your progress 
  • 12 weeks of deep-dive Masterclasses where I share the exact breakdown of my personal transformation so that you can rinse and repeat to create your own success! 

Plus 6 Bonus Tools Worth Over $2,000

T O O L  0 1

The Big Sugar Detox

 Usually $197
​The Big Sugar Detox is not a pretendsy, quicksy-fixsy program that works for two seconds then leaves you drowning in a sea of cookie crumbs.

Get instant access to 21 days of videos, audios, 65 pages of recipes, PDF's, bonuses and support to take you from Cookie Monster crazy to bootylicious and beautiful.

(not available anywhere else)

T O O L  0 2

7 Day Kick Start

 Usually $97
7 Day Kick Start is perfect if you are ready to dump emotional eating but just can't seem to break off the relationship. 

7 full days of videos, audios, recipes, downloadable PDF's and bonuses.

Start healing the relationship between your body and food in seven days or less.

(not available anywhere else)

T O O L  0 3

Access To My Personal Toolbox

 Usually $997

This is something I've never offered before! The Toolbox is a selection of my HOTTEST videos and strategies specifically designed to streamline your transformation. 

Each section of The Toolbox provides on-demand support, guidance and realignment anytime you need it. These are the precise practices that I swear by and that have helped me take consistent action towards ending the fight with food and my body.

(not available anywhere else)

T O O L  0 4

Dominate Your Life With Ease & Flow

 Usually $47
In this game-changing video interview, I provide over an hour of no-nonsense solutions to:

Overcoming perfectionism, Trusting yourself around food, Why the diet industry has set you up to fail and how you can beat them at their own game, how to effortlessly raise your standards without self sabotaging, How making empowering choices can free you from fear of judgement, How to shift the subconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck and so much more!  

T O O L  0 5

12 Deep Dive Masterclasses

 Usually $997 per year
Looking and feeling hotter than Beyoncé on a GQ cover shoot is not something you get when your "thin". You have the God-given-right to have, feel and live that way right now. 

The Deep Dive Masterclasses are specifically designed to help you create your own personalised plan for success!

I'm talkin 'bout getting you into alignment with you goals fast so you can really accelerate your progress and see results in weeks, not months or years!

(not available anywhere else)

T O O L  0 6

The Essential Guide To A Healthy Relationship With Food

 Usually $47

50 pages of my non-negotiables for creating a no-brainer success system for your body. 

This includes:

Exactly how I create a fail proof environment (trust me, it's not what you think), why keeping your "trigger" foods in the house can actually help you stop bingeing, my personal Food Formula, PLUS

13 of my favourite, craving-busters that work like magic! 

(not available anywhere else)


Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

Hey, cute head! Do you live in Australia? GST may be applied at checkout for you!

The Sisterhood Guarantee

And as much as I would love to tell you that I'm sending you a delivery of motivation infused, mochaccino pretzels that make you skinny, the cost of postage (and the fact that they’re not real) prevents it.

So, whilst this program is not a magic wand, it certainly comes pretty darn close. I’ll be showing you the exact steps I took to end the emotional battle with my body and food, but (don't you hate those "but's") I can’t guarantee you the same results. That part comes from you, showing up and doing the work, even if it's in micro steps at a time.

With that said, my #1 priority is to help you feel amazing in your body and about investing in yourself which is why I’m offering a complete money-back guarantee. If you purchase Sexy Motivation and then realise that you much prefer the torture of constant dieting, my team and I will refund your entire purchase price No questions asked. I, of course, will be devastated because I don't want you to end another year in the same place that you started, (can you see that water on the screen? That’s my tears flowing. But don’t worry ‘bout me, I’ll be fine).

If you decide you would rather try another diet (you never know, maybe number 7,983,056 will be the ONE!), simply shoot us an email within 30 days of purchasing, and one of our freakishly-awesome team members will respond ASAP. (That's just the kind of girl that I am. Either that or I just know this is going to change your life, the same way it changed mine.) 

Knowing what to do is not enough. Sustainable change is not a super-sized effort. It happens in tiny, moment by moment choices.

Completely life changing!

The changes are starting to come through and become my new normal! I'm finally realising that the old "drink a slimming tea, blink, and suddenly you're skinny and your life is perfect" is total garbage! Kylie, you have changed my life!

Lucy Rose

The 12 Essential Elements of Transformation

Get instant access to a guided week-by-week transformation specifically designed to motivate you out of your comfort zone and into action. This includes all 12 deep-dive Masterclasses, bonus content and group support. That’s almost 25 hours of life-changing audio, video and media content — normally valued at well over $2,000 — stepping you through the process of ending the mental and emotional battle with your body and food, and creating a passion-filled life with no more food, calorie or body anxiety.

Every part of Sexy Motivation is designed for you and your lifestyle. That means you can download it to your device for on-the-go listening (I'm all about the multitasking) and the companion PDFs so you can easily and effortlessly implement your new practices into your routine.

No more guess work.

The blueprint to your next 12 weeks is mapped out and ready to roll!

Week 1: Passion, Purpose, Power

Week 2: Clarity vs. Resistance

Week 3: Commitment & Consistency

Week 4: Fast Track Your Success

Week 5: Releasing Guilt & Shame

Week 6: How To Be A Success Magnet

Week 7: Rewiring Emotional Habits To Beat Your Brain

Week 8: The 7 Secrets To Success

Week 9: Moving Past Limiting Beliefs

Week 10: Become A Purposeful Creator Of Your Life, Not A Victim Of Your Self Talk

Week 11: The 5 Stages To Developing Self Trust

Week 12: The 10 Sabotage Tactics That Will Crush Your Success & How To Avoid Them


Practical, Actionable Strategies

Forget about those programs that dazzle you with science but don't give you any way to implement the actual solutions into your life. This entire experience is specifically designed with you in mind. Do you have an extra 4 hours a day to implement theory? No? Me either. Sexy Motivation is instantly implementable, in bite sized chunks, so that you can start seeing results immediately.


Accelerate Your Results

You are about to access the 12 Elements of total transformation. The 12 Elements are your personal blueprint to breaking through resistance, procrastination and self sabotage and rapidly accelerating your results. The shape of your body reflects the shape of your beliefs. I'm about to step you through the process of owning who you want to be, instead of living in fear of who you have already become.


Access On Demand

All of the resources in Sexy Motivation are accessible via the gorgeous online membership site as well as downloadable to your device. Easy to access and simple to use, each part of your transformational experience is inspiring, beautiful and completely mobile so you can continue your journey anytime, anywhere. 


Sisterhood & Support

I'm so passionate about you and your journey that my team and I are available to you 24/7 to make this experience an enjoyable one. Nothing matters more to me than seeing women end the battle with their body and food which is why we have an entire private Facebook group dedicated to supporting you, answering your questions and loving each other through the journey.

Every decision you make is taking you somewhere. It's time to stop to ask yourself, is it taking you somewhere you want to go?

3 dress sizes gone! Finally I am free to be me! 

And the weight loss isn't even the best part... the best part is how good I feel and how confident I am now! I used to think I had to get my eating perfect but Kylie has shown me that it was the perfectionism that was keeping me stuck! Thank you!

Ebony Jade


Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

Hey, cute head! Do you live in Australia? GST may be applied at checkout for you!


How does the program work?

Sexy Motivation is a 12 week program which means we’ll hook up each each week via your Transformation Modules so you can wave buh-bye to emotional eating and start living and enjoying your life and your body. I'll also be sprinkling some pixie dust into your life with exclusive deep-dive Masterclasses and practice real life tools that you can actually use in your real life. Changing your relationship with your body and food is kinda like working your way through a chinese banquet meal. It's a bite by bite process. I have the system. All you have to do it take the bite.

I don't want to join the Facebook support group. Can I still do the course?

Absolutely! The Facebook group is definitely very cool, not not an essential part of the program. All your content will be available via the private Membership Site so you can still access all your materials, weekly videos, mp3's, workbooks, bonus material aaaaand deep-dive Masterclasses.

Do you have a payment plan?

Sure do! I’m a big believer in making things happen and I know you are too. I can already hear your squeals of delight, so go ahead and bust out your happy dance! Instalment payments are sexy!

Do you have a refund policy?

Absolutely! From the date you begin your Sexy Motivation, the magical Motivation Fairy will grant you a full 30 days to take the course and all it's materials for a test run. After that time, the Fairy can no longer grant refunds (I think her powers are revoked by Hobbits) 

I've tried everything to end the battle with food. Why is this different from the other gazillion things I've tried?

Because, my little sugar coated peanut, this is not a diet. In fact, this is the anti-diet. Can we talk honestly, just you and me? You can find another program out there that will help you "shred" if that's what you want to do. I'll even mail you the DVD's. They're covered with dust in the back of my cupboard. But shredding is not healing. Shredding is not loving. And shredding is NOT going to help you end the battle with your body and food. In fact, and let's just be real... if anything, it will probably make the problem a whole lot worse. 

I understand the hesitation. I really do. I've been in your shoes so many times I've worn holes in the carpet. But eventually... EVENTUALLY you will have to decide exactly what it is that you want? Do you want another round of lose 5 kilos and gain back 15? Because if you do, Freedom From Cravings is going to be massively disappointing. 

What I'm offering you is an opportunity. An opportunity to make a new choice. An opportunity to change the hands of fate by taking control. Is this something you can do alone? Maybe. Possibly. But it will be a lot harder and take a lot longer than just taking my hand and letting me guide you. 

So if you're ready (and if you've read this far down the page I know you're a woman who's so ready it hurts) then take my hand. I'm standing right here next to your future. And we're waiting. For you.


Please Note: Side effects may include a smaller booty

Hey, cute head! Do you live in Australia? GST may be applied at checkout for you!

About Kylie

About Kylie

Kylie is Australia’s Emotional Eating Coach and creator of Ditch the Diet. Her superpowers include overcoming thirty years of emotional eating, losing 20 kilos and being able to stand next to a chocolate cake without wanting to roll around in it, naked. Named “better than a diet pill” by thousands around the globe, Kylie inspires women to a greater life by ending the battle with their body and food, for life.