Why You Keep Overeating At Night

This week we're talking about the sneaky little lies that are keeping you overweight and how you can recognise and reverse them

Let's talk about reason #103 why you keep overeating at night... "banking calories".

"I haven't eaten all day so I DESERVE this"⁠
"I haven't eaten all day so I can AFFORD to eat this"⁠
"I haven't eaten all day so I can SPLURGE now"⁠

*insert whiney voice here*

Straight up, banking calories is not a thing. You can't "save now, spend later" when it comes to calories and what you eat. Your body needs sufficient calories all throughout the day so it can function efficiently. And if you don't give it those calories when it needs them, it will force you to eat tsunami-sized portions of food to compensate.

Straight up, banking calories is not a thing. You can't "save now, spend later" when it comes to calories and what you eat.

Here's what you should do instead:⁠

You might be busy with kids, meetings etc, but it only takes a moment to check-in and see how you're feeling.⁠

This is not rocket science. What do you feel like eating at that moment? Honour your body's needs. It's here to support you for the long haul. Respect that.⁠

You don't have to bank calories or wait for a special occasion to eat the doughnut. If you want it, eat it and enjoy it. The doughnut does not mean you have "ruined" your eating or "failed". It's just a doughnut. Enjoy it for what it is and move the fu*k on.⁠

There is never going to be a "right time" to deal with your emotional eating. There is just time and you choose what to do with it.⁠⁠
It won't be easier tomorrow.⁠⁠
It won't be easier next week.⁠⁠
And it definitely won't be easier next month.⁠⁠
I want to be clear, you can't (and won't) do it before you're ready. That's okay, too. But you will need to push yourself *a little*.
Want a life and body that feels easy and not stressy?⁠ You gotta step up, girl.

It's not going to feel good, but that's what growing and becoming an even more amazing wife/mother/partner/woman looks like!
STEP 1 - What are you willing to DO to make your relationship with food (or anything) the way you want it?⁠⁠
STEP 2 - What are you willing to STOP doing to have things the way you want it?⁠⁠
STEP 3 - How can you do what's necessary to get the job done AND enjoy the process? (and p.s. there are a million options here)⁠⁠
Remember, the feelings you get from eating when you're not hungry are only a temporary escape. Changing your relationship with yourself lasts a lifetime.

And if you're looking for more ways to take control of your weight, take my FREE Weight Loss Course. Your butt will thank you for it!


What are the side effects of binge eating? If you think that by avoiding your issues with food and your body that you are somehow winning, think again. Here’s what REALLY happens when you avoid your issues with food.

What you are REALLY avoiding is…

  • Health⁠
  • Happiness⁠
  • Confidence⁠
  • Strength⁠
  • Discipline⁠
  • Energy
  • ⁠Gut health⁠
  • Alertness⁠
  • Better sleep⁠
  • Better sex⁠
  • Pride⁠
  • Healthy muscles and ligaments⁠
  • Strong spirit⁠
  • Peace⁠
  • Productivity⁠
  • Creativity⁠
  • Clear thinking⁠
  • Joy⁠

All these things go away when you are obsessivly thikning about your body and food.⁠

We were not designed to live like this.⁠

Sure, taking control may seem hard, but it’s sure as heck not as hard as looking at that list👆🏼⁠

Living and eating in a way that makes you feel ALIVE is the most natural thing in the world for you.⁠

It will FLOW and it will be EASY because you have the GRACE to be YOU.⁠

You are not creating drama with food because you just luuurve food so much. You are doing it to ease the PRESSURE of trying to be someone you were not naturally designed to be.⁠

You were not created to run from yourself.⁠

You were created to BE yourself and being yourself is the most NATURAL thing in the world for you.⁠

When you are ready to let go of the STORIES you keep telling yourself, who you are is already there.⁠

And she is MAGNIFICENT.⁠⁠

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Because if there’s one thing I want you to know, it’s that authenticity leads to simplicity.

Sending you elbow bumps from Iso

side effects of binge eating
side effects of binge eating

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