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I’m a sucker for a delicious breakfast!




When I decided to Ditch the Diet, one of the first things I did was I PROMISED myself I would stop eating foods that I hated, purely so I would lose weight. I decided that even if I never lost ONE MORE KILO, I was going to eat food that I enjoyed (of course I did lose weight… quite a lot in fact, but that’s another story!)

So in the interests of continuing our adventure together, I present to you today’s Free Slim and Sexy Recipe… Spicy Tuna Omelette! 

This is the perfect little gem to make when you’re feeling peckish and can’t be bothered spending 4 hours in the kitchen making some gourmet extravaganza that requires fifteen different ingredients, most of which you’ve never even heard of!


I’m all about keeping it simple. Simple Slim ‘n Sexy, baby!


And if you’re feeling like you could do with a little extra help in the kitch, check out The Essential Healthy Kitchen Guide. It’s you’re A to Z of all things healthy to help you Ditch the Diet and set up your kitch the right way.


So here you have it, lovely! Spicy Tuna Omelette.



Just CLICK HERE to download your copy.


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Are you loving the free recipe series? Got a recipe you’d like me to create? Want more tips on Ditching the Diet?

Let me know in the comments below, baby!


Here’s to Ditching the Diet!

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