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Stop Pretending

Stop Pretending!

You have been pretending that what IS real, is not and what is NOT real, is.

You have been living in a nightmare of your own creation AND thinking that it’s your REAL LIFE.


No. No. No.


What’s REAL, is love.

What’s REAL, is living in a body you ADORE.

What’s REAL, is joy and opportunity and fun and expansion and guidance and unending SUPPORT.

But no.

Not you.

YOU insist on choosing to BELIEVE in (and therefore CREATE) your own ludicrous reality of poor me.

I can’t.

It’s too hard.

Maybe next time.

When it’s, you know… easier?


And so you run back to your house of horrors.



Terrified, in fact, that this is how it will ALWAYS be and who are YOU to expect anything different because after all, can’t you see?

Here you are.



And so it’s pretty clear that this life you dream of and work towards the one that is more delicious that the half kilo of chocolate you just are, is evidently NOT for you.



But you?

No. Never.


Unless you DECIDE it IS for you.

If it’s possible for someone else to succeed, then it HAS to be possible for you, right?

And so one by one you remove the cobwebs from your eyes.

The ones that cloud your vision and make you believe that this house of horrors is actually your home.

Because of course, it’s not.


And what’s more… it never was.


The binges.

The failure.

The self deprecating talk.

All no longer necessary.

Because you don’t live that way anymore.


Those thoughts that held you back in the past? No longer welcome to visit.

Oh sure, they might make a guest appearance from time to time, but you don’t have to invite them in and serve them ice-cream.

They don’t belong here anymore.

And neither do you.

You’re moving address.

Moving to a place where self trust and self belief are your Landlords and commitment, progress and results are your neighbor’s.


And ultimately.


It’s about where you choose to set up your emotional house.

It’s about the STANDARDS you set.

Raise your vibration, raise your life.

Remember, you’ve got what it takes.

Kylie x

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