How I Stopped Sabotaging With Food

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How I Stopped Sabotaging With Food

How I Stopped Sabotaging With Food



If I ever find myself tempted to eat one more cookie (okay, maybe a whole packet more) than I originally intended (anyone? anyone?) I know I’m resisting something.

There’s SOMETHING going on that I’m not wanting to look at or know about or feel.

Emotional eating is like a game of Russian roulette. Can I eat the extra pizza and not gain weight? Can I polish off that block of chocolate without anyone noticing? Can I? I guess I’d better eat it and see!

This relationship with food that you keep saying that you want but you keep running away from isn’t going to get any easier than it is RIGHT NOW.

So you need to make a decision. Once and for all. Do you want this, or do you want something different?

Because, if you want it, I mean REALLY want it… not that kind of “It’d be nice to have” kind of want. Or.. “Yeah, I’d like to be at my natural weight, as long as I can still eat Krispy Kreme’s all day”. Not THAT kind of want (which, FYI… isn’t really wanting at all. That’s called dreaming. Which is, how do you say it? NOT REAL!!)

That kind of stuff will ROB YOU of the life and the comfort in your body and the pride in yourself that you are MISSING right now. Why? Because you keep sabotaging it with food.

If you tell yourself that you want to feel good in your body, get your booty into shape and feel better about yourself, but you’re STILL making yourself sick each night on chocolate, chips and pizza, then here’s the ice cream chilling truth…

It’s not that you don’t want this.

Because OF COURSE you do.

It’s that on a SUBCONSCIOUS level, you don’t know how to stop the cycle.

And so, instead you say, “No thanks. Not me. I don’t want a life where I love myself and my body. I’d rather live in a state of semi happiness / semi misery where I can fool myself each day into believing I’ll TRY HARDER TOMORROW – but really, I know I won’t. EVER. Because this struggle is all I’ve ever known and without it, I’m a little scared. S.C.A.R.E.D!!!”

Right. So there you have it. You’re scared. 

But scared of what exactly? Success? Happiness? Peace? Joy? Being able to stand next to a chocolate cake without wanting to roll around in it, naked?

Nothing happens by accident. If you’re reading this now, it’s because you need this message.


If you have a dream in your heart, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to chase it. Click To Tweet


If you have a dream in your heart, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to chase it.
It’s yours.
No one else can breathe life into it but YOU.

And if you don’t… if you DON’T? Then not only do YOU lose, but you rob the world as well.

It’s time to quit playing small.
It’s time to STEP UP and STEP OUT.

Remember, nothing grows in your comfort zone.

If you want it, if you REALLY want it, then you need to make the first move.

It’s time to end the self sabotage. Step up and Commit. After all, it’s only your life.

And it’s waiting.

Oodles of love!






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