Hey, honeys!

If you are still:⁠

• Struggling to set personal boundaries.⁠
• Unwilling to get up *before* the alarm.⁠
• Eating takeaway instead of the fresh food you prepped in advance.⁠
• Not doing the online course you promised would show up for.⁠
• Avoiding working out.⁠
• Watching TV and snacking all night.⁠

Then pluuueeeeaaase quit talking about levelling up your game this year because you have NOT even mastered the level you are on yet (sorry not sorry)✌🏻⁠

If you do actually plan to make a change this year then you've probably already started and this post isn't even for you BUT...⁠

If you haven't started and you genuinely want to change, here are some tips that might help you:⁠

• Restore belief in yourself by not attaching emotion to the negative voices in your head.⁠
• Remind yourself that the past is not a TV guide for your future. You can make a new choice at any moment.⁠
• The best way to start a new habit is to release an old excuse. ⁠
• Renew your mind with books, journaling, visualisation and the word of God.⁠
• And when all else fails, just do the damn thing, no matter how you feeeeeel about it🥴⁠

Let me know if you needed this one today and it the link to get my FREE Weight Loss Course and tag me on social with your results! ⁠⁠

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