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My Thigh Gap Obsession


What is it you REALLY want?
A thigh gap? Or simply to live in a body you’re COMFORTABLE in?
Because one does NOT equal the other.


I’ve lived in a body with a thigh gap and I’ve also lived in a body with enough flesh to cause a small solar eclipse as I walk by, and I can PROMISE you, the thigh gap was NOT better.


WITH a thigh gap, I was AFRAID OF FOOD.
WITH a thigh gap, I felt TRAPPED.
WITH a thigh gap, I was obsessed with my weight, my calories and my dress size.


WITHOUT a thigh gap, I am FREE.
WITHOUT a thigh gap, I can eat foods I ENJOY, rather than what I think will “make me skinny”.
WITHOUT a thigh gap, I CAN BE ME.

Ultimately, neither one is good or bad.
That’s not what I’m saying.
What I’m saying is, don’t try to force your body to be something it was never designed to be.


If you naturally have a thigh gap, great.
If you don’t, also great.

Either way, you can choose to love and adore your body, where ever it’s at, right now.

And if you need help with this, message me.

My private coaching clients see shifts in their body, the bingeing, the self sabotage AND their relationship with food from the VERY FIRST WEEK.

But it won’t happen just because you read a cool post, click the Like button or even Share on your page.


You will see a change when you STEP UP and REACH OUT.


There are SIX WEEKS LEFT IN 2016.

If you’re ready to quit the self sabotage, let me know.
Three positions available.
Is one of them yours?

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Success with a side salad of SELF SABOTAGE

Success with a side salad of SELF SABOTAGE

Make 2017 your year by dominating it NOW.

Message me if you’re ready to step up your game.

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