Seriously, stop clowning around!

Here’s why your weight loss sucks…


Here’s why your weight loss sucks…

And so here you are. Again.

Elbow deep in chocolate and shaking your head in disbelief.

How did this happen?

You PROMISED yourself that you wouldn’t.

And after all the junk food you are last night, you really believed that you COULDN’T.

But you CAN.

And you DID.

You DID eat another packet of biscuits.

You DID eat more chocolate.

You DID eat until your stomach hurt and your eyes bulged and you wondered, desperately, will this ever end?

Will you EVER really feel in control around food?


Watch today’s Livestream to find out why your weight loss SUCKS and what you can do about it and then…

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If there’s one thing my years as a professional Health Coach taught me, it’s that unless your nutrition is #onpoint, you will NEVAH lose weight permanently.

Oh sure, you can give it a red hot go.

Eliminate the carbs.

Extricate the sugars.

You can even hire unicorns to dance around your salad plate to ward off unwanted calories.

But you CAN’T lose weight long term if your body is nutritionally depleted.


Because if you don’t give your body the nutrition is needs VOLUNTARILY, it will FORCE you to eat tsunami sized portions of food, in the hope that as you down your fifteenth slice of pizza, a lone sprig of broccoli might pass your lips at the same time. 

Nutrition is THAT important.

So what’s a gal to do?… Get Nutritionised!

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