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So you want to know what I are to lose 10kg this year without dieting? I followed the Eating Codes, honey!

1. The first Eating Code is “Eat When You’re Hungry & Don’t Eat When You’re Not”.
It’s pretty self-explanatory really. And it also helped me cut out hundreds of calories in BS eating that was doing every day.

2. The second Eating Code is “Decide What You Want To Eat”
Think about your daily food choices like a buffet. Sure, you *could* have all the things. But do you really want them or are you just eating them bc you think that you shouldn’t?

3. The third Eating Code is “Satisfied, Not Stuffed”
This means you stop eating when your hunger has *just* gone away. Not when you feel super full or stuffed. Just this Code alone will help you start dropping weight rn.

4. The fourth Eating Code is “Tune In, Not Out”
As long as you are using food as a way to sweeten the sh*tty circumstances of your life, you will stay stuck in the emotional eating cycle. Feelings last as long as the thoughts you keep having about them.

5. The fifth Eating Code is “Act Like The Person You Want To Become”
When all else fails and you want to dive naked into a tub of ice cream, you only have to ask yourself one question👇🏼

Would the version of you who is at her goal weight eat this?

If the answer is no, then back then fk away honey. You do what she does now.

This is exactly how I lost 20kg and stopped emotional eating for good!

Your diets failed in the past because you maybe addressed one or two of these Codes but not all five.

Master these and the weight will literally *drip* off your body.

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Let's go, honey!

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