THIS year I will lose weight. THIS year I will go to the gym everyday. THIS time will be different.

Won’t it?



I’m not writing any resolutions this year.
But I AM giving myself a gift…
The gift of no new plans or promises.

No more “fresh starts”. No more trying to “get it right”
I’ve tried it before.
It does not work.

This year it’s just me, in all my glory.
Sometimes I’m swimming in chocolate and sometimes I’m chugging green juice and BOTH of them are okay. 🍫🌿

I love myself now enough not to hurt myself anymore.
I love myself exactly as I am.
And in 2016 I wish the same for you.

Will 2016 be the year you FINALLY break up with your on again, off again promises to yourself, and lose weight?


Will 2016 be the year you FINALLY scratch below the surface and find out why, after all the diets you’ve tried, you STILL can’t stand next to a chocolate cake without wanting to roll around in it, naked?


You don’t have to be PERFECT

We all want to fix and change the parts of ourselves that we deem imperfect. But seriously, who are WE to heap judgement on our bodies and decide that they are not worthy of our love and acceptance?

This is especially difficult if, like me, you have a (strong) tendency towards perfectionism. The catch 22 is that what is perfect today will be imperfect tomorrow, so you might as well let it go.

Life is not black and white. Your body is not RIGHT or WRONG simply because you decide that it is. It’s the body you have right now, so embrace it.


What gift will you give yourself in 2016?

How can you be a little kinder to yourself and your body this year?

Shout it out below, cute head! There’s power in your declaration ☺️ and remember to share with your bestie for super good 2016 karma!


Big love



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