You will never lose weight if you don't fix this

You can do all the extreme workouts & fancy diets in the world


You’ll never lose weight if you don’t fix this…


You know what it’s like… Next Monday you’ll get your life together. Next Monday you’ll clean up your eating, start a workout routine, or both.

As emotional eaters and ex-fad dieters, we’re usually “all-or-nothing” kind of gals. We’re either doing it “right” and eating “perfect” or we’re really, kinda not (insert fourteen cheesecakes here).

Motivation is a great thing… until you’re not feeling the vibe anymore. And if you’re trying to break up with your Snickers bar boyfriend and shed that weight, you’ll never be able to do it until you get your head in the game

So, how DO you get past your own self limiting beliefs?

Watch the episode now to find out

Because you’ll never lose weight if you don’t fix this first…

You’ll never lose weight if you don’t fix this first.


The Left-Overs…

It’s all in your mind

Only YOU decide WHERE to place your attention, WHAT something does or does not mean and the ACTION you will take; and this is a super power that we too often overlook.

Focusing on the chocolate muffin and how badly you want the chocolate muffin and wondering how good the chocolate muffin will taste will send you on a one way trip to Chocolate Muffin Consumption city. What you focus on is what you will feel and what you feel is what is real. So spending all your time obsessing over what you think you can’t eat will only make you want it more.

If you want the muffin, eat it. If you want two, then have another. You have to know you’re free to have what you want , when you want it, in an amount you feel good about, otherwise the obsession will never end.

Finally, don’t sit back and wait for the cravings to pass. Get jiggy and move your body. Either eat the muffin and be done with it or put it away, save it for later or feed it to the dog but DON’T sit around trying to fight temptation. It can’t tempt you if you know you can eat it any time you like, so break up with restriction and quit depriving yourself. The path to permanent weight loss is sure to be dotted with a few chocolate muffins along the way.


Do you struggle with getting your head in the game when it comes to beating the binge? Share your hottest tips below and then…

Share this with your bestie just to let ’em know you care and as always remember, the only person who has the power to change your life is you.

You’ve got what it takes.

Big Love!


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