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What would it feel like to finally be able to trust yourself around food?

If there’s one thing my 25 years in the Health and Coaching industry has taught me, it’s that slapping another bandaid on your dysfunctional relationship with food and pretending that it's fixed will NEVAH work.

Oh sure, you can give it a red hot go. Start by chucking out all your bread. Then, hire an exorcist to get all the hidden sugars out your house.

Of course, none of that will work unless you hire unicorns to dance around your salad plate to ward off unwanted calories.

But all the incense and unicorn dust in the world won't do a doggone thing if you don't deal with the underlying reasons behind your self sabotage.

If you don't deal with the deeper issues behind your junk food benders, your body will force you to eat tsunami-sized portions of food, with the hope that you might accidentally eat a brussel sprout.

Ending the battle with our body and food is best done by learning from someone who's already been there.

You have to know why you’re self-sabotaging before you can stop doing it. 

Just because your day didn't get off to an epic start (slept in. Again.) and you find yourself tempted to eat one more cookie (okay, maybe the whole packet) than you originally intended (anyone? anyone?) how you'll feel when the binge ends is often be the last thing we think about...

Emotional eating is like a game of Russian roulette. Can I eat the extra pizza and not gain weight? 
Can I polish off that block of chocolate without anyone noticing? 
How much can I eat before I feel reeeeally sick?
Let's see...

We treat our bodies like they can eat all the food, all the time; or none of the food, at any time, and then wonder why we feel so... well, crappy.

I fell in love with junk food when I was just a wee toddler. I was toddling my my pudgy little legs over to the cookie cupboard as soon as I was old enough to walk (truth be told, the cookies were probably my motivation). But even then, I always knew that there’s a line that you just don’t cross. I think it’s somewhere between eating a civilised portion of strawberry shortcake and rolling around in it, naked.

You’ve never done that? Hmmm… Maybe it’s just me.

Anyhoo... you know those women you see on social media? The ones who are saving children in Africa and inventing cures for rare diseases that you can't pronounce and smiling while their fluorescent lycra creeps up their booty?

Well, they have just as many excuses as you not to do that stuff (and when it comes to the fluorescent lycra, they probably shouldn't). The difference is, they just got reeeeally good at recognising that excuses will never take them further than where they are right now, while you are letting your excuses run your life.

I'm about to share with you my secret getting control over your relationship with food.

But first, there's something I need you to know...

There's nothing wrong with you and you don't have an eating disorder.

What you have is a very well practiced coping mechanism for your life.

I really wanted to eat healthy. I swear that I did. But my brain had been hijacked by my cravings and it was not open to negotiation.

I couldn't understand how it was possible to leave the house feeling like a smokin’ hot diva one moment, only to catch a glimpse of myself minutes later and wonder how you have not been mistaken for a hairy, ample bodied zoo animal?

We all have what it takes to end the battle with our body and food. But not all of us do. Why? Well, despite my zoo animal theory, it turns out that your mindset also has a little something to do with it.

Enter, 1:1 Private Coaching.

I fell so madly in love with this life-changing system, I wanted to marry it! 

In fact, I tried but the papers were denied. Something about it being indecent. Whatever.

Marriage or not, I was definitely caught in a full-blown love affair with the amazing principals I teach in my Private 1:1 Coaching. So much so, that I started telling everyone I met about how incredible they were.

Finally, I had discovered the missing link as to why I couldn't control my eating!


Ok, I admit it, emotions come in handy from time to time. Like when you’re watching The Notebook for the fifty-billionth time (trust me, it never gets any easier)

But those are not the emotions you want running your life.

We all have those days when you refuse the glazed donuts at work, choose the salad over the deep fried chicken wings at lunch, and spend the rest of the afternoon polishing your dietary halo, until…  you walk in the house at the end of the day, exhausted, and suddenly cereal with peanut butter for dinner seems like the best idea you’ve ever had.

If your emotional state of sassiness has taken a nose dive into a 5 litre tub of ice cream and you see no reason to extricate your face from it anytime soon, your whole world is about to change...

After years of fighting against my body, I finally decided to work with it. And the results, were astounding...

I found peace after years of  struggling with food and body image . My skin cleared up. My energy returned. Inflammation, adrenal fatigue, poor digestion and bloating... all gone!

But how?

Because when you deal with the self sabotaging patterns on the inside, you stop craving junk food from the outside.

And with that, the principles of my Private 1:1 Coaching were born. 

My Private 1:1 Coaching is a one-of-a-kind program developed in conjunction with a very special person... YOU!

​Private Coaching is like adding jet fuel to your vitality, energy, and your ability to say "no" to cheese nachos.

This is the exact process that I personally used to take my body from sick, depleted and run-down to high-vibe, full of energy and naturally healing itself.

Private 1:1 Coaching is NOT a fad diet. It’s a 12 week personalised program developed with and for you.  

So, why 1:1 Coaching?

Because you're done with the fad diets. You're done with the meal replacement shakes. And you're seeeew done with the slew of low-carb meals and other shady products that mock you every time you open a cupboard.

You want a sustainable solution for myself. You want it to feel natural. And you want it to replace all the cr*p that is currently taking up residence in your kitchen.

I want you to be able to eat real food that works with your real life.

The bad new is that eight out of ten adults are not getting anywhere close to the level of nutrition they need to function properly. 

So it's hardly surprising that you struggle to quit the cravings, release built up toxins or let go of excess weight when you don't even have time for a decent hair-cut, let alone buy, prepare and pack that superfood diet that Lorna Jane says you should be eating.


Essentially, this is your pot of gold at the end of the emotional eating rainbow.

I have reverse engineered my personal success system, so you can copy and paste it into your own life.

My Private Coaching system allowed me to heal my body of:

  • Out of control sugar cravings
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Excess weight
  • 6 years of infertility
  • Terrible bloating
  • Gas (that's the lady-like way of saying "farting")
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Low (err... okay, NO) energy
  • Poor digestion
  • Joint pain

Before and After

Here's a sneak peek at what you get with
Private 1:1 Coaching:

Private Coaching emotional eating
  • Private 1:1 Coaching - 12 weeks of private 1:1 coaching sessions.
  • 12 weeks of constant communication - Full access to Messenger contact between sessions. 
  • BONUS Ditch the Diet Online Bootcamp - My most popular eCourse ever, Ditch the Diet Bootcamp includes the 5 ESSENTIAL Eating Codes for ending the fight with food plus access to almost 100 recipes! (Valued at $197)

Even better, as you heal your relationship with your body and yourself, your relationship with the people you love improves as well!

 I joined with the sole aim of losing a few pounds, but what I have gained has been truly incredible and applicable to so much more of my life than just food. This is the best present I have every given myself and I can finally see the woman I know I am shining out a little bit more every day. Thank you does not express the appreciation I have for what you have given me.

Ali Prim

So, uh... how do I know if I need this?

Private Coaching is ideal for you if you can't stop the middnight booty calls with the refrigerator and you are SO done with fighting with the same 10-20 kilos year after year (after year).

This is for you if...

You’re taste buds have seen more Yo-Yo’s than an Arnott’s biscuit factory. You wish sugar was a man so you could marry him and have sugar babies. Your weight can range from head cheerleader at a Rangers game to wild, ample bodied zoo animal. Your energy is lack-lustre. Your skin is breaking out or showing signs of premature ageing. Sleep is a distant memory. A day without stress is abnormal. A “good” week is one where you only feed yourself and the family take-out three times, instead of five.


What will I eat?

Anything you like! Restriction and meal plans are so 1990. I will show you how to tune in to your body’s natural desires and finally put an end to the daily struggle of “do I eat the chocolate cake or the salad, hmmm…”

I'm in! How do I get started?

Remember when your mother told you never to leave the house without wearing a bra? (or was it clean underwear? Either way.) Well, as valuable as that information was, it's still not as good as what's coming next... 

Getting started is easy! (keep scrolling)


Start your Freedom From Cravings journey...


I know you want this, but you're also a little scared, am I right?

Hear that cheering? That's Oprah telling you, YOU GET A CAR!! 

Not really. But the benefits of Private Coaching will continue to grow each week like a bag of microwave popcorn, which is way cooler than that annual trip to the OBGYN (which is totally hideous whereas this, on the other hand, is fun, painless and free of scary metal objects)

You can keep reading or skip straight to the good stuff and click below. 

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Q & A Time

How does the Coaching work?

We will connect each week for 12 weeks via Facebook Messenger. This means we’ll talk at a set time each week and have a virtual green smoothie while together we create your evil plan for world domination and kick emotional eating out the door!

The support you will receive with Private Coaching allows you to easily bridge the gap between what you know you SHOULD be eating and what you actually DO eat. 

Can I choose the time of our calls?

Absolutely! I will send you the link to my groovy online calendar so you can choose the weekly time slot that works best for you!

I've tried everything to end the battle with food. Why is this different from the other gazillion things I've tried?

Because, my little sugar coated peanut, this is not a diet. In fact, this is the anti-diet. Can we talk honestly, just you and me? You can find another program out there that will help you "shred" if that's what you want to do. I'll even mail you the DVD's. They're covered with dust in the back of my cupboard. But shredding is not healing. Shredding is not loving. And shredding is NOT going to help you end the battle with your body and food. In fact, and let's just be real... if anything, it will probably make the problem a whole lot worse. 

I understand the hesitation. I really do. I've been in your shoes so many times I've worn holes in the carpet. But eventually... EVENTUALLY you will have to decide exactly what it is that you want? Do you want another round of lose 5 kilos and gain back 15? Because if you do, Private Coaching is going to be massively disappointing. 

What I'm offering you is an opportunity. An opportunity to make a new choice. An opportunity to change the hands of fate by taking control. Is this something you can do alone? Maybe. Possibly. But it will be a lot harder and take a lot longer than just taking my hand and letting me guide you. 

So if you're ready (and if you've read this far down the page I know you're a woman who's so ready it hurts) then take my hand. I'm standing right here next to your future. And we're waiting. For you.

Click Here to email the team, and one of my magic unicorns will be in touch with you within 2 business days so you can end the battle with your body and food, for life!

Let the good times roll!



The changes are starting to come through and become my new normal! I'm finally realising that the old "drink a slimming tea, blink, and suddenly you're skinny and your life is perfect" is total garbage! Kylie, you have changed my life!

Lucy Rose

About Kylie

About Kylie

Kylie is Australia’s Emotional Eating Coach and creator of Ditch the Diet. Her superpowers include overcoming thirty years of emotional eating, losing 20 kilos and being able to stand next to a chocolate cake without wanting to roll around in it, naked. Named “better than a diet pill” by thousands around the globe, Kylie inspires women to a greater life by ending the battle with their body and food, for life.